Director of the Arab Network in Morocco,amb Dr. Aziz Mountassir : Joanna Svensson - MY DEAREST, DEAREST MAJA!

My dearest, dearest Maja
You are truly like
A midsummer's dream
A dream that I once had
A dream some years ago

It did truly come true
On that very special
Oh, so precious summer's day
It was filled with love
With joy and happiness

When for the first time I saw you
Like a bright and shining rosebud
With peering eyes - hopeful
Turning life's first page
To a life - slowly breaking bud

I saw through you
With enormous pride
That I had not lived in vain
I saw through you
A part of me
A part of true life's gift

Today you have become
A grown-up girl in full bloom
You flourish like the sweetest rose
The most beautiful I've ever seen

I feel so immensely proud
For you and for your happiness
You will succeed in life for sure
Of that I am certain
'Cause you've got the power
You' ve got the strength
Self-courage and determination

Behind you we all
Stand like a rock
So feel safe in our bosom
In all your days to come!

Swenstorp, Sweden 24/6/20

©️ ®️Joanna Svensson
©️ Private picture