Director of the Arab Network in the Philippines Eden S Trinidad:An article by Dr. Amr El-Feky President of the International Organization for Sustainable Development- Egypt The importance of sustainable development:

 Sustainable development is an issue that is difficult to deal with and implement or even overcome obstacles to achieving; Because it consists of a large package of rhetoric,
Given the nature and complexities of this topic,
It is best to know its importance in order to reach a comprehensive understanding and awareness, and the population is the main pillar that pushes the wheel of sustainable development forward,

Thus, the importance of sustainable development is represented by the following:

 Providing the main humanitarian needs:
Such as shelter, food, and water by using renewable and sustainable energy as a substitute for energy based on fossil fuels.

 Agricultural requirements:
 Using sustainable farming methods such as the effective seed planting technique,
And crop rotation technology, where these techniques contribute In reducing soil erosion, and maintaining its health,
And increase its fertility in terms of productivity ...

 Climate variability management:
The sustainable development methodology seeks to limit the use of fossil fuel sources, such as:
Oil, natural gas, and coal affect the climate
And it emits greenhouse gases.
Financial balance and stability:
Financial stability can be achieved from sustainable development practices. The development of renewable energy technologies can create continuous job opportunities as a substitute for jobs

restricted by fossil fuel technology ...
 Biodiversity protection:
Practices of this type of permanent development encourage investment and use of renewable energy resources,
Organic farming practices that do not emit any greenhouse gases in the atmosphere preserve plant diversity.
And reduce air pollution ...