The director of the Arab Network in Morocco, Ambassador Dr. Aziz Mountassi : Joanna Svensson ©️ Private picture Per Jose IN ANOTHER TIME!

In the old enchanted castle
There is an old enchanted mirror
Anyway it feels
Like if there was

When sunset tips around
My little peaceful cottage
Once again I feel
Like standing right in front

And all of a sudden
I sense I am transformed
Into the Lady of the castle
A Lady in another time

The time has totally stopped
The mirror has turned around
Instead of moving forward
The clock is ticking backwards
Instead of moving forward
The time is twirling backwards

Now the time has stopped
It takes a deep breath
-Such a lovely time it is! it says
I think I'll stay a little while!
I want to rest here and now.
If just for a tiny moment

From an illuminated inner room
I hear husky voices speak
In old dialects they are debating
It's voices I know so well

The rythm of the language
Brings my childhood back to me
In its background a brittle cembalo
Is playing childhood melodies

And the fragrances are so intense
Of roses I do remember
From the garden of the castle
Plucked in utmost secret up

I pinch my arm - at once I see
In the reversed mirror of time
I am there - facing the castle mirror
Yes, I am here - but in another time!

                           Swenstorp, Sweden