Court case against Pauline Hanson

I'm preparing a court case against the leader of one nation party , Pauline Hanson . 

It's time to put a stop to another trump! We don't need no racist within our country. Either be put into prison or to be expelled from politics! 
Not  to be considered a member with in our government as well as a leader with criminal history...
Hanson thinks that she's above the law because we don't reply to her and her actions. 

She must be aware that no ones above the law . 
Therefore we must raise our voices and let the wrong be heard . For the right to be put in place . 

She has breached the criminal law act  :  racial discrimination act 1975- sect 18c, ....

For this case to go on , I need your support by donating to help increase the validity and power of the case. 

Following are the bank details .

BSB number       : 067 167
Account number: 1934 1862

Together we can protect our country from bigots and trouble makers...

Were all Australian. We all have the right to stand up for what our Australian people deserve...

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