Director of the Arab Network in the Philippines, Abden Soriano Trinidad : IFCH International Forum for Creativity and Humanity proudly presents this Certificate of appointment to NARSING BONGU RAO as IFCH Global Creative Adviser Narsing Bongu Rao Selected Biography

IFCH International Forum for Creativity and Humanity proudly presents this Certificate of appointment to 

NARSING BONGU RAO as IFCH Global Creative Adviser

Narsing Bongu Rao

Selected Biography

B Narsing Rao (b.1946) is one of the most distinguished Indian filmmakers who grew with passion for Fine Arts and Culture in Hyderabad, India. 

He has directed 7 award-winning films that have original story and screenplay of his own and has also composed music for most of his films.

His most acclaimed film is D a asi (Bonded Woman), which has won 5 Indian National Film Awards in 1989, the maximum for any Indian filmmaker for a single movie till that day. In the same year, it also won the Diploma of Merit in the Moscow International Film Festival.

Daasi has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and Lincoln Centre in New York, USA. His other award-winning film, MATTI MANUSHULU (Mud People) was screened at American Film Institute (AFI), California and the film was widely shown at different Universities in the USA.

In 1992, he addressed the Ph.D. students at RICE University, Huston, the USA on Anthropology & Ethnography as depicted in his films.

His films have been screened at different international film festivals in France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Sri Lanka, USA, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Iran, Israel, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Italy, Bangladesh & Egypt.

His films also have been widely shown in Indian International Film Festivals’ circuit and won critical appreciations.

Besides other personal awards, he also won the excellence award in cinema in 2007 on the occasion of diamond jubilee celebrations of Telugu Cinema in Hyderabad and was felicitated as a celebrity. Encyclopedia of Indian cinema, published by Oxford University Press (U.K) includes his films.

With his films, he represented India in major international film festivals. He has traveled extensively in home & abroad over the past four decades, addressed Universities & Institutions and earned laurels.

With a prolific experience as one of the leading painters of the subcontinent along with rich theatre experience and multi-faceted interests ranging from Music, Literature, Photography, and Filmmaking, he has culminated his visions in the growth and development of aesthetics in Telangana, creating thereby a canvas bearing his signature.

He has hundreds of paintings, thousands of photographs to his credit.

He led the people’s theatre movement for over a decade in his homeland. In the field of theatre & music, he brought out the new ethos of regional folk art and furthered its cause. 

Several of his well-researched articles on theatre, movies, and matters of general interest have been published along with his twenty volumes of poetry.

His interviews and articles have been widely covered by National print media like India Today, The Week, Frontline, The Hindu, Cinema in India, Cinema India International, Discover India, Free Press Journal, Mid Day, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Deep Focus, Indian Express, Indian Cinema, Patriot, Pioneer, The Statesman, The Telegraph, Deccan

Chronicle, News Time, Deccan Herald, Tribune, Blitz, Sunday, Sahara Times, Screen & Metropolis.

Several TV and Radio channels like the BBC, Moscow TV, Munich & Berlin TV, DD India, Aaj Tak, Star TV, Zee TV, DD Mumbai/ Kolkata/ Hyderabad have covered his creations time & again.

Write-ups on him and his films have been covered by Village Voice: India Abroad (USA), Variety (UK), Pravda (Moscow), Journals at Munich, Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Karlovy Vary (Czech), Rome, Bergamo (Italy), Cairo (Egypt), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dhaka (Bangladesh).

He served around 40 committees on cinema, culture, and heritage in India.

He participated, so far, in about 50 seminars and symposia.

At present, he is working on heritage locks & doors in order to constitute a unique museum. So far around 1000 heritage locks are under his collections.

Along with cinema and paintings, his avid interest in Ethnography, Anthropology, Archeology and Folk-Lore has been reflected through his creative works.

He has a collection of 6,000 photographs (1860 – 1960), a music archive of 50, 000 gramophone records of the world (78 R.P.M, 45 R.P.M, and 33 1/3 R.P.M) installed in English & Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad.

He has documented a big number of Folk songs & Folk forms that are procured on video and film formats. He has established a valuable book library on Folklore.

He has won 10 State awards, 10 National awards, and 5 International awards for his films, including the coveted UNESCO and WHO awards.

He has also been conferred with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.