Kishan dahal : Topic: world under tension Cold war.

Literally, something is brewing around this corona pandemic, a cold war. Western European unions and United states of america is mostly suffered by this crisis. With some leaked information and evidences from china shows that outbreak was earlier then the disclosed date, dragons are disturbed and it is reflecting in their international diplomacy. 
Again this pandemic has out-poured vitriol as acrid as anything seen in decades, casualties are increasing day by day, the only solution left that of shutting down is hampering world economy, migrant workers situation is already mentioned over international labor organisation. Tension is summoning human race, the condition seems very much like a cold war from history. A nadir sort of situation, even the talks of bad blood have started between this two super powers. A cycle of statements and action is solidifying longstanding suspicions in Beijing that the United states and its allies are bent on stifling China's rise as economic, diplomatic and military power.  
The news outlet run by Communist party have lashed out specifically at politician Mr. Pompeo for arguing that the outbreak might have leaked from a Chinese lab, if  Mr. politician is allowed his swaggering bluff, America the great fears can only be a joke, said over a broadcast on CCTV, China's main stream television network. Keeping the current facts aside, its not just these two super powers in mental conflict, the other developing nations too have their own arguments, be it at border of KUSH, or the democratic riots back at Hong Kong. African nations are also suffering, with their long time poor economy puts heads to ever low, due to this pandemic, as the human and economic troll of the corona virus has introduced a white-hot element into the dynamic between United states and Chin