Svenstorp, Sweden ©️®️ Joanna Svensson ©️ Private picture Joanna SvenssonMY SPIRITUAL TEMPLE IS NATURE


My spiritual temple is nature
It always feels like my home
My Spiritual temple
Is always so huge
Is always so generous
Where all my thoughts and feelings
Are given time in space

Where words can fly so freely
Like big white dovs of peace
Share words of calm and knowledge
Of comfort throughout the world

I feel that my weapon
My weapon is not a sword
I recognize that my weapon
I merely the power of words

Dressed up in colorful shades
Written in a spiritual language
That everyone understands

Words like peace, security and love
Words that we all wish and long for
No matter where ever we live

So I often do retreat
To my spiritual temple - my natural home
To survive as a human being
I just need its power to heal

The force that gives strength and courage
Courage to others help
To go through the labyrint of life
To find a way out of its claws

And I see at a very close range
That a miracle really has happened
That everything I've prayed for
Has really been fulfilled
My reward is just happiness and joy
For those of whom I've prayed for

So I beg of forgiveness
If I'm not always there
There where you expect me to be
'Cause I' m in my own world

In the middle of nature
On a true-date with it
On a rendez-vous with nature
My power and strength to regain!

Svenstorp, Sweden

©️®️ Joanna Svensson
©️ Private picture Joanna Svensson