The director of the Arab Network in Morocco, Ambassador Dr. Aziz Mountassir: When You Left By Nigar Arif Agalarova

When You Left
By Nigar Arif Agalarova

I used to see the flushed eyes of life
in the geography classes,
I used to see the truths that erupted like v ccolcano,
and plains 
on which was creeping the lies 
under the truth,
I used to see fell down knees 
of the highest mountains,
The same wind was blowing in all countries,
The same rain was raining all over the world...
I was a country myself,
Yes, I was...
When I wanted to subdue the country like you
my heart was shaking 
like it was an earthquake;
sweet waters were running,
pure springs were running 
in the bottom
of the most rocky and barren lands.
I used to see the beautiful faces of the best creatures
in the far-off places...
When you left...
When you left,
I realized that
human being is the biggest iceberg;
he is melting for years 
and flowing to dying...