Tribalpoet @kishandahal Today's truth beholden history

Today's truth
        beholden history  

  It should be real stern, 
  how on history, committed such blunder, 
  or just chaff in between, 
  it was middle of seventies 
  my country merged into a greater nation, 
  Acknowledging democracy  
  written by the constitution  
  twenty second state 
  that of India the great 
  be careful while disclosing information; 
  mistakes can occur, 
  nothing much, no blur 
  still, my pen murmured, 
  can't  stop writing  this unhealthy conversation; 
  this is not just a normal generation 
  don't take us for isolation, 
  though geographical description differs 
  vowing to almighty 'Testa' and 'Rangit'
  please don't dare forget my land 
  the holy paradise of these rivers, 
 knowing as garden of heaven 
  Kanchenjunga, in his crown 
  He is the brother  
  Among the sister of seven;