Director of Arab Media Network in Sweden, Dr. Madeleine Kassab : Daljit Kaur , Mother Earth

When God gave me birth, I was free and boundless

Then I met with light and energy,

Something delicately touched me and passed through me;

Every part of mine wanted to flourish.

My frozen heart started melting

And turned into airy rain drops

It wrapped up my thirst.

Brightness everywhere made me grow,

Small buds started developing everywhere,

Now I felt myself occupied with a huge family.

We were very happy; we all were in deep love with one another.

But as the time passed my kids lost their innocence,

Rain became thunder; Air became storm and water became floods.

Blood ran all over my body,

I was being teared up into small chunks

Pieces into pieces, they did not stop even after seeing my plight.

I am shattered but my love for them is unconditional,

Providing them with all their needs as it was in the beginning.

The only difference is that, now my heart is completely crushed and mournful.

My body is not at peace.


Nobody is thinking for me, do they even remember me???

I am mourning, not for me but for them,

The end is very close, everything will be devastated.

Sun will not shine; Air will not blow; Fire will ruin everything.

The land will be barren with no water.

The only thing that will be left behind is SOIL.