The director of the Arab Network in Morocco, Ambassador Dr. Aziz Mountassir : Joanna Svensson THE DOCTOR'S PRAYER THE DOCTOR'S PRAYER Please, dear God! Give me power and strength


Please, dear God! Give me power and strength
So that I safely can endure
Taking care of all infected people
And save them in best possible way

To strife to do what is my mission
With no more than four hours of sleep
In a corridor, on a mattress, in a hospital

Lord, I pray for my life
Not by selfishness or greed
I beg for mercy to survive
To survive for other's sake

With my knowledge
And erge to help
I beg of you, dear God
Please save my life!

'Cause if I' m not alive
Many Innocent will die
A horrifying painful death
In total loneliness

So dear Lord; I beg of you
Indeed I pray for everyone
For my collegues and my nurses
Who fight with heroic force

Throughsleepless nights
Like true Samaritans
Not giving up
Nor giving in

Preserve their lives
Preserve their health
To regain their strength
To fight for others

Dear Lord, show us the way
Show us the way to salvation
So that an antidote will be found
A cure to this global disease

With skin as grey as ashes
Eyes all tiresome and burning red
All weary and worndown
By little or no sleep at all

I thought I knew once
Almost all about everything
I thought that all once
Could be proved by logic

But right now I feel so small
So very little in this world
So Lord, please for give me
For ever ever doubting you

Please for give that I've forotten
My faith in you and my belief
But deep inside I've truly cherished
And fed the seed you've planted in me
The very day that I was born!

Swenstorp 12/6/20

©️®️ Joanna Svensson
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