Director of ARABIC NETWORK in The Philippines Eden Soriano Trinidad : wrote the foreword for the English book of Poems by TIAN YU titled: TURN AROUND LIKE NO ACTION

Having recited several of the author's English poetry collection and aired over an internet radio poetry program in Mexico every Saturday gives me a personal sense of awareness of the sensitive emotional style of his writing skills.

 I once asked him why he always talks about the moon and not the sun.

 -I find peace and comfort in the moon. -he told me.

 -But the sun is the source of all living creatures. – trying to impel upon him.

 -The moonlight though it looks lovely is just as cold as the night. - I added. And this was expressed in his poem titled “Each Cold Night has a Lonely Man”, and even a sunny day won't change his sorrowful feelings expressed in his poem titled “Turn Around Like No action.” 

The poem titled “Azabu in the Rain" contain a deep longingness with a sense of numb sensation. In the quietness of every night, he finds special stars and favorites night lamps and boldly expressed in the poem titled, “The Light”. “I’ll Hide Where the Sun Won’t Squeeze me” is a heart-breaking poem that tells the brokenness of lost love. That he tried to hide from the sun because he does not want to be comforted by its warmth. He wants to stay in the cold dark alley of his aching heart. He wants to be swallowed in a black hole so that he could cling and feel the pain from his heart. He does not want to let go of that pain.

The poem titled, “Seeing Sunk More and More” described the moon reminding him of a romantic feeling, even it hurts and cuts through him so deep. A tender emotion being stolen expressed in his poem titled “Stealing”. “The Place of Love” conveys not to say goodbye.

“The Moon”, “Autumn Mid-Festival”, “The Wind is Cold so is the Moon”, “Memories of My Feelings in the Lishui River by Boat”, is a call for the night to accompany him in his loneliness and no one, not even a light-hearted man can take away the pain of his brokenness.

 And as the loneliness gripped his day today, he considered it just like a bad dream hoping that when he wakes up the next day just as expressed in the poem titled that "Maybe Everything was like a Dream Last Night”. 

The poets’ creative writing caliber is envisioned in this collection of English poems. He has artistically penned pearls of joy and sorrow of going through and experiencing first love. Like fresh dewdrops of the early morning rain…young hearts deep affection for their first love. The strong tug of emotion, the thunderous beating of the heartbeats, the unfamiliar yet exciting feelings, where the days and night fill you with gladness and as if the sun always shines for you just to wake up one day you only want the darkness of the night to comfort and drown your brokenness due to the sudden realization of a beguiled love.

The days passing by with a hurt feeling and the nights as cold as a peeled cucumber. Hoping and clinging to the memory yet…

Needs to say goodbye and close that chapter and turn not to the next page or chapter but search for new books and find the secret of true love…

Let this poetry collection written in the English language enlighten and touch our hearts regardless of our age. Let the powerful overflowing and the heart-wrenching emotion of a seriously hurt heartstring make us not fall in love ever.

We have an ancient hopeless romantic poet in the 21st generation…Tian Yu, the bard of Shandong China. 
                                                                                                             Eden Soriano Trinidad                                                                                                         Philippines                                                                                                          April 12, 2020
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