Director of Arabic Network in the Philippines H.E. Amb. Eden Soriano Trinidad, LittD, PhD

More than a walk in a shaded cherry orchard depicting the poetic universe.
Reference about the poetry of the author Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines)
                                               By: AGRON SHELE
                                                            Writer, Poet

Poetry is life that remains entangled in a web of words.
Sebastiano Vassalli

The network of words that intertwines and then merges with the near world, goes beyond the imagination and the consciousness of memory and thus synthesized in derivations of meanings and alternation with the spiritual world bring that vagueness, which gets closer and closer, to leave then  at the last edge of the borders, like the remnant of the traces and colors of the sky. 
This is how I could look at the poetry of the author Eden S. Trinidad (Philippines), which within her art, in all its thematic forms and varieties, brings human love, as a prelude and human affection, as an attempt to plant hope, but also  as the magic that unfolded the aquirities of the time reflects more enlightenment. 
The depth of her poetry touches hermetic forms, which seem to confuse, but actually seek the labyrinth, that spark of enlightenment that guides the existence of unfulfilled visions, essential psychology and philosophy, as an orientation but also a challenge in search of all the meanings that whiten the shadows that characterize us.
  The garden of life appears in all prisms;  as the ambiguity of the nightmare that in many cases plunges the earth and people into chaos, as the morning descending on the clumsy wings of the night, as the melancholy touch given to a soul on the journey, as the taste and aroma raised to the sensations in the desert, but also  as a wish for sailors towards the muses of love. 
The complexity of her poetic art comes mainly as an inner natural inspiration, but also as an experience in the field of translations and in this context the ideological meaning touches much wider spaces, both in terms of cognition and geography, an influence that has created  and the stylist who sets it apart but also distinguishes it for the poetic forms and structure it follows.
The source of every poem is the feeling of the impossible to express," says Jean Lucien Arréat.

Of course, in this sequel, the impossible raises many questions and expands even more the heliocentric circle of our surprise, a surprise that is mostly expressed through everyday gestures, but not in art, as its word and metaphor know how to raise such  curves, which convey these experiences or sensations to the infinity of the philosophical mentality. 
The voice of the soul is for the time being an imaginary transcription and echo, which knows how to transcend the times, and even descends beyond it, where the past genesis rests, which have never been wasted and lost, but have been transformed into images and consciousness of the forms of  today, to travel within us, as a demonstration of their effort and blood. 
Our metaphysics and obsession always plunges us into metamorphosis, imposes dualism on us as a state but also as an existential form, and as such we have to wander between subjective reason and the modality that we ourselves create, and thus between this internal confusion or hermeticism we manifest  the human dimension, transcending the seven senses, the seven musical chords, and the seven basic colors, like euphoria, exhilaration, and the fleeing muse within the troubled souls.
Furthermore, let us dwell on the three basic aspects that constitute the main axis of this author's poetics. 

The human aspect, as a spirit and confrontation with created reality
In this respect there are many components, but the author comes as a representation of being a social being, a humane woman, who as in a reaction extends a hand to forgive blessing and peace, gives a smile to forgive kindness, and so through extreme melancholy  turns into reason to soothe the inner darkness.
BE the reason
To BE an anchor, to be a shield,
to BE the reason for healing
to someone’s life
that is slowly drifting away
Unaware, an extravagant folly
not shutting them off and saying, Go away
to BE a friend when someone is twirling above a storm
to offer a hand when clouds start looming around
when in extreme melancholy.
BE the reason to drift them away from the gloomy.

The message of this poem is the endurance of man as the anchor of a white ship in the sea, which stands the blue of a rough sea, as the greatness of navigation but also the touch of wave distances that will traverse the next day, always in the anchor of peace and always the mink of  lost horizons.

Poetic aspect as metaphysical message and philosophical communication.
The naturalization of the human world with nature and the epithets used in the song of rain, the chirping of a bird, or the crying of a child, are nothing more than an everyday reality, which in social or philosophical terms constitute that cohesion  which walks with time and remains the irreversible trace of modernity possession.
Can we stop the rain from falling?
The sun from rising every morning?
And bask the earth with ethereal beauty?
Who can say to the birds to stop flying above the earth?
And choose the branches they want to perch?
And the beast of the fields from being greedy?
Who can stop a baby as it weeps
missing the warmth of moms arm when left him suddenly cold
and miss the lullaby of the first voice he hears
if the sparrows are sold for a penny?
None of them fall to the ground outside his care
Even the sands are cradle by the winds
we all are more valuable than all these things.

Harmonization and alternation are comparative metaphorical forms but also the philosophy of expressing ambiguity;  rain (human pain), sun (inner joy), call (stuttering of a birth), therefore in all this poetic structure the message conveyed is like sand in the cradle of the wind, where we are all valuable and we all follow in the footsteps of  our recognition.

Dried up creeks still longingly await
For the tears to well up
And open the spouts of heavens
And the fusion of rushing cold tears could finally paint the muse.

In this poem the voice of the soul is reinforced even more, always from the same point of view, the same panorama, voice and exclamation, rocks and hones that devour us, wrinkles compared to mountain ridges and tears flowing down rivers, muse and inspiration in  the scorched skies of the day that dies in every west and rises in every dawn.
Poetry as a lyrical spirit and aspiration of human feelings.
The author would not make an exception in the treatment of lyrical positivity, whether these as an experience, but also as a display of that light that illuminates other heavens and shines the most beautiful crown.

Love is defined as a radiance, a silent glow that passes through dreams, the instantaneous noise and refraction of the moment, a nostalgic moment that even in silent sacrifice fills the void and forgives eternity.
Reading the poems of poet and translator Eden Soriano Trinidad is more than a walk in a cherry orchard, where the evening overshadows the magic of the Moon, while the first ray descends from the poetic constellations, as a representation of the universe thought and immersion in the deepest enigma  .

Agron Shele, Writer, Poet 
Belgium - Albania