The director of the Arab Network in Morocco, Dr. Aziz Mountassir : Beaming in an afternoon stride walking next to my family master @ sihem cherif 9 the of July 2020

The pram, the toddler and the dog 

A young smart lad
pushing  a  pram  
bearing a lovely baby

On his beauteous left 
stood  a young  pretty lady 
She  was pulling the lace 
Of a friendly huge dog 
smiling with such grace 
As a beam  peeping through  the fog   
such canvas of family  harmony 
caught my  eye 
The way the sky catches its roaming stars 
A perfect  dream  family 

The dream  of every  loner 
Ah God    ! what soothes better 
Than  the  love of a pet and a toddler 
The glow  in the eyes of a happy father 
A caring husband and  a  love driver 

And  me, from  a distant  corner  
eyeing their glorious walk 
Gazing with a haze holder 
How many times I wished  i were the lady 
A mother  of  a  pet, a  mother  of  a toddler