Director of Arabic Network in the Philippines, H.R.H.Princess Dr.Eden S Trinidad, DHum, LittD. THE KING OF KUTAI MULAWARMAN IS A SPIRITUAL LEADER


The kingdom in Indonesia is a nation protected by the Indonesian State.

If the nation is not protected then they are not legitimate. Rumors have been spreading that the Kingdom of Kutai is not real. People must learn the law and not just talk. The kingdom is now not only a state but an institution that exists within a state. In Indonesia, the state recognized the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman as a nation and the kingdom has all the legal documentation and certifications from the state.

His majesty the great king of Kutai Prof. Dr. Hc. M.S.P.A.  larensyahreczha Faclevie

is the King of the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman in Kerjaan East Kalimantan, Indonesia from 2001.

He had fought to restore this kingdom 19 years ago.

The king never had fun as a youth as he had gone through a series of rigid training and studies which sometimes for 3 to 6 months in each field of Science and Education. He did more than his best to be equipped and prepared himself to lead the kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman. Thus the king is a king full of wisdom, and very intelligent.

The king of Kutai has mastered the Science of organizing the body.

He has received more than 200 awards, more than 50 Doctoral Degrees, and 10 professors awards.

 He is a Godly king, a king who has strong faith in God. Who fears, honor, and serve God.

He often says, “The king belongs only to God.” The Master is a spiritual leader.

We don’t worship his majesty king of Kutai contrary to some notions. We bestowed and shower him with respect and love because he is a compassionate king and he has been promoting the message of Peace to the world, for that we honor him.

He has been working hard to teach peace to all who follow him every day, to spread peace to the world.

Like a father who wants his children to get an education, he wants to educate his children

about peace and talk peace all the time. This is one of the reasons he partnered with The Instituto Educando Para a Paz in Brazil and registered his own in Indonesia the Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute Indonesia almost the same year with the IEP Brazil.

No, we don’t worship the King, but he deserves all the love and respect from us whom he bestowed freely the gifts of recognition and awards through the certificates he is giving for free. It is not every day that you can converse with royal blood especially a real king.

 I asked him once, “ Why all the certificates yang Mulia.’ 

 He responded, “the certificates are a form of motivation for receivers to do good to others.”

 People look for someone with authority and power to lead.

 We found a king who does not care what nationality or the color of your skin you have.

The king has no interest to anyone.

 He is a king and will remain a king without the organizations or groups for

the king who owns his kingdom.

His Majesty King of Kutai taught me to be different and unique in many things.

To flow like water and not to copy others. He also told me that the greatest enemy

 is the thoughts that haunt you.

We don’t worship the king, we love him as he is the king who dwells among us

 and motivates us to be good and to do good.

He exclaimed, “Where is the peace in the world if you don’t have a peaceful heart.”

The king judged that everyone should study well and love God.

I am speechless on the day the King gave me the royal title Her Royal Highness Princess

Dr. Eden S. Trinidad and gave me the organization to be based in the Philippines the Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute. 

I asked without fully understanding what just happened. “ Why yang Mulia?”

He responded, it is not me, it is your God who told me to do so. 

I could only bow my head in respect and gratitude to his highness for having found favor in his eyes.

The king loves me first as his daughter, for that I am forever grateful and pledge my loyalty

 to his great majesty king of the kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman.

H. R. H. Princess Dr. Eden S Trinidad, DHum, LittD


Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute

RKMPII- Philippines

International President