Organization information On 15th August 1947, our country India became independent. August 2005, Shri. Sanjaybhau Chaudhary founded 'Shri Sai Pratishthan, Wadgaon Sheri'. It is a multi-purpose social organization established for the purpose of giving something to the society

Our national holiday commemorates the patriots and

 revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India. On the same day, 15th August 2005, Shri. Sanjaybhau Chaudhary founded 'Shri Sai Pratishthan, Wadgaon Sheri'. It is a multi-purpose social organization established for the purpose of giving something to the society.

This plant, which was planted 14 years ago, has now become a banyan tree. The horizons of their social work are now widening. He has accepted the work that is in tune with his soul. Even though we are alone in the world of life, the known and unknown hands are with us. They show you the way forward. Are giving strength. Everyone has their own dream. But it is not so easy to go beyond oneself and think of the society, to work for the society, to work for the human beings with a vow of social service. It is a virtue to have such a loving hand that strives for the good of the society. This fat of social service taken from his grandfather, Shri. Sanjaybhau Chaudhary has persevered, worked hard and sincerely.

Functions and activities of the organization

This organization carries out various activities for the community. Apart from helping the needy, the important task of the organization is to provide proper guidance and enlightenment to the people in need. There are different activities for students, women, senior citizens, youth.

* We call it Ksharshrinh Li Ishi with Vinharp Thasharshinh. Good health is the true joy of life. So free health check up is done by the organization. These mainly include eye examinations, asthma, cough, blood donation camps. Children are given polio doses. Patients are given free eye examinations and free spectacles. Walkers are allocated for blind people. Awareness is spread from house to house so that everyone can participate in it


* Nowadays, youth is deteriorating due to media, advertisements or bad company. Being drawn to addiction. Once addicted, it is difficult to break free. Parents then find it difficult to guide their children. Considering this need and question of the society, the organization provides guidance and enlightenment on the subject of 'De-addiction' in the presence of experts. Awareness rallies are held for addicts. Lectures are conducted. Workshops on de-addiction are conducted for school children. This day is celebrated on 31st December with the message 'No alcohol, drink milk'.

* The organization is also vigilant about the environment. Nowadays the environment is being harmed. Deforestation, air, water, noise pollution, use of plastics, open dumping are common. The fruits of which we will have to enjoy over time. So public awareness is necessary. With this in mind, the organization conducts activities such as environmental hygiene, environmental awareness programs, lectures, tree planting, camps. Awareness is created among the students and they are encouraged to plant trees. Information is provided on how to take care of the trees. This is followed by appealing to students, people to plant trees. Trees are planted in the open space. Millions of saplings are distributed with the objective of 'One Student One Tree' in mind. The ‘Sai Pratishthan’ is empowered to prevent environmental degradation.

* Turmeric and sesame seeds are specially made for housewives to go out. Therefore, they can also achieve cultural harmony. You can go out and participate in all fours.

* Pratishthan organizes Devdarshan Yatra for senior citizens to visit pilgrimage places. Yatras are organized at religious places like Shirdi, Tirupati Balaji, Padmavati Temple, Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur, Ranjangaon Ganpati, Shanishinganapur, Sonai, Bhimashankar, Ashtavinayak Darshan.

* Apart from this, the palanquins of Saint Dnyaneshwar Mauli and Saint Tukaram Maharaj distribute fruits and free health check-ups to the Warkaris. The institute has started a library to promote reading culture. A meaningful and informative calendar is drawn up every year. Also the founder of Hindavi Swarajya Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Dr. of the Indian Constitution. By celebrating the anniversaries of great personalities like Babasaheb Ambedkar on a large scale, the students are introduced to the importance of the work of great personalities. Patriotism also grows among the people. In all this work, wherever you go. Sai there. 'Sai's grace is seen on the organization. This is the slogan of the organization.

Summer Camps and

 Work Attention - The organization takes care of everyone's work. The organization honors those who are in dire need of the society and their services. Postmasters have been felicitated by the organization. The city of Pune is the cultural capital, the home of learning. It is indeed commendable that the organization has honored all the cleaners of the city of Pune, the staff of the railway station, the crematorium staff for their noble work. Considering the health of the garbage collectors, hand gloves and masks have been provided to them by the organization.

The organization has decided to start free ambulance service in the entire city of Pune. Because many people have to lose their lives due to lack of ambulance.

* Free blood donation camps are conducted. The organization intends to provide free blood supply to the needy by checking the blood type.

* There are orphans in this society. There are old grandparents, who are deprived of Maya, Mamta. Are ignored. With this in mind, the organization is trying to set up both a children's home and an old age home in one place and is looking for a person to provide space. If this actually happened, then it can be said that Sanjaybhau succeeded in resolving an intimate issue.

* Given the current state of the education sector, exorbitant fees, bad experiences, deprive the truly intelligent section of the society from education. To this end, the institute intends to set up a project where education from 10th to 12th and beyond will be completed in one place without any donations. Through this, the institute strives to produce the best players by giving priority to sports and to achieve success in world competitions. If Sanjay Bhau is asked about this, he says, 'This work gives peace of mind'. But in fact, God is the one who makes people do certain things. Keeping your eye on grace. Even if it is said that this umbrella of God's grace is on Sanjaybhau's head, it will not be true

The organization has many events. These events are attended and attended by veterans. It is necessary to mention these friends who come with faith and love. Sahitya Sammelan President Dr. Shripal Sabnis, Dr. Ramchandra Dekhane, Sadanand More, f. At. Shinde, Mangesh Tendulkar, late. Dr. The. V. Kulkarni, Ashok Kamat, Nagnath Kotapalle, Bhaskarrao Awhad, ‘Upara’ Kar Laxman Mane, Actress Suhasini Deshpande, Jaimala Inamdar, Shashikant 

Khanvilkar, Raghavendra Kadkol, MP Girish Bapat, Pune District Guardian Minister Chandrakantdada Patil, Higher Education Minister Hon. Vinodji Tawde, Hon. Minister of State Dilip Kamble Madhuritai Misal, b. Bhimrao Tapkir, Meghna Kulkarni, Vijay Kale, Aa. Yogesh Anna Tillekar, Vikas Mathkari, Dattaji Kohinkar, Adv. Pramodji Adkar, Dr. Satish Desai, Sunil Mahajan, Milind Bhoir, Chandrakant More, History Researcher B.L. Thange, Bhante Rajaratanji, S.N. Pathan, Jugal Rathi, Vivek Welankar, Muralidhar Kachare, Rahi Bhide, Shailja Molak, Urmila Vishwanath Karad, N.M. Joshi, C. Lucy Kurien, Vitthalkate, Head of Nehru Youth Center Yashwant Mankhedkar, P.Chin. Shejwalkar, Makrand Tillu, Shirish Chitnis, as well as Hon. President Pratibha Patil, senior social activist Anna Hazare and other dignitaries have been present. Similarly, Sanjaybhau has been guided by actor Shivaji Satam. Similarly, eat the ideal of friends and family. Anilji Shirole, Hon. Eat. Pradeepdada Rawat, b. Jagdish Mulik, former Mayor of Pune MLA Mukta Tilak, MLA Madhuritai Misal, MLA Bhimrao Tapkir, Hon. MLA Bapusaheb Pathare, b. Sunil Tingre, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol, Standing Committee Chairman Yogesh Mulik, Dnyaneshwar Shinde, Usha Kalamkar, Sanjilatai Pathare, Ramesh Adhav, Rajendra Shirsath and others.

Sanjay Sai Bhau is run by Shri Sai Pratishthan Wadgaon Sheri and Jai Jyoti Kala Krida Shikshan Prasarak Mandal. Sanjaybhau has been honored with the Adarsh Samajsevak Award on behalf of Sony TV for his work and for the work of the organization. Samajbhushan on behalf of Bhima Nira Vikas Sanstha and Visva-Bharati Prakashan, Indapur on behalf of State Level National Amar Sheikh Award for Social Work 2010 Nanda Foundation Goregaon Mumbai, Kartartva Gaurav Award, Bharat Ratna Vallabhbhai Patel Award, Nehru Youth Center, Ministry of Youth Welfare Sports, Government of India affiliated, On behalf of Pune Municipal Corporation, Samaj Gaurav Award, State Level Shirdi Gaurav Award, Rajiv Gandhi Rashtrabandhu Award, Swami Vivekananda Award, Sant Eknath Maharaj Smriti Gaurav Award, National Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Samata Sahitya Gaurav Award, Maharashtra Guna Gaurav Award, Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Ambedkar Guna Gaurav Award. A total of 38 awards are in Sanjay Bhau's name. An award is a recognition of the work done by others.

Many start out with the intention of doing something for the community. But if we move in the right direction, there is a wait. If you ask Sanjaybhau, ‘How do you know this?’ He shares his experiences. The idea of the old age home and children's home that he wants to set up now came to him from experience. Once his female workers went to a girl's ashram to help him. The girls then spoke to him freely. He stated his problems. It shows that they need love.

An argument broke out between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law in a nearby area. Soon kept talking to her mother-in-law. This revealed the family problem of the elderly. They also needed their own men and from that came the idea of building a children's home and an old age home together. It is said that if you want to find the existence of God, you have to find the poor and helpless in the man who gives the hand of service.

Sanjaybhau Chaudhary grew up as a child of service. Your late grandfather. H.B.P. He has taken the fat of social work of Balaji Baba Chaudhary. We have not been able to do much good for the society, but we can certainly inculcate something good in the society, Sanjay Bhau is working with this feeling. There are always difficulties in this work

There is a lot to write on this board and finally it is written. The experiences that come, the people you meet, shape the personality of the person. People who dedicate their hearts to society are different. Sanjaybhau Chaudhary, who works by uniting the common people, is always taking steps to do something different. Together with all those he met on this journey, a young man who came from a normal situation has reached this point by joining hands with the situation for the purpose. They certainly have the power to make songs flow through tears. The state of society in India today is worrisome. To improve all this, we need many social workers who uphold the principles and values of life. Only socially oriented people live life in the true sense. Congratulations to Sanjaybhau on his next journey!

Those men are different

Who dream for society

They can easily find the tone of the soul

Flowering in denial

Persistence is in their nature

Although the shore left

Taking the endless sea in hand

Even when they fall, they get high ...

*Dr. Sanjaybhau Chaudhari*

*Founder President -* Shree Sai Pratishthan Pune

*National President –* Vishwashanti Bahuudeshiy Sevabhavi Sanstha 

*President -* JaiJoyti Kala Krida Shikshan Prasarsk Mandal. 

*Vice Chairperson -* Ramkrishna Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha  Pune

*Pubishar -* Sanjyoti Publication Pune 

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