Director International Arab Network Director in the Philippines Princess Prof.Dr. Eden S. Trinidad, THE "AMIR- SALEHA EDUCATION TRUST"


Mr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin



In 19th of  December 2020, a literary program on Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th century Persian Poet, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic, was held at Jagannathpur, Bangladesh.

The program was organized by Students Care Jagannathpur. 

Rafiqul Roni, a Rumi researcher, was the chief guest. 

Poet Malekul Haque and poet and translator Mohammad Mohi Uddin were special guests.

 The literary program was presided over by Masum Miah and presented by Juewel Hussain.  

One of the highlight of this program was the granting of rewards by the AMIR- SALEHA EDUCATION TRUST  to the four activists for their humanitarian works 

The program was ended with a calling to be true human and philanthropic.