Shoshana Vegh : Like a rose


Her poems were published in an anthology in 1980. In 2000, she posted her first online novel about the infatuation of a married woman.  In 2002 her second novel was published, after which poetry and children's books were published over the years.  In 2009 she founded a publishing house called "Beautette", specializing in publishing books of poetry.  She wrote 17 books herself and edited over 100 books, poetry and prose.



I am like a rose flower

You never get to see all my colors

Inside me many beautiful Stamens

That you want to taste

Is you mouth and heart are equal my love

When you call me honey at night

Do you think about me

When you say i can make you sleep

Is it me who you are waiting for

Or my shadow the reflect in many shades


I am like a rose flower

Don’t take me out of my garden

And after throw me at your home

I want to bloom at my garden

And to show my beauty to all

When you make love to me

Just be with me

And don’t think about my garden

I am the rose garden

My love





When you came across me

I thought the light in you

I didn’t feel that you prepare

To still all that I have

First you took my heart

I saw only you

I couldn’t open my eyes to the trap

And step by step you preoare

Your bullets to kill me

In the rikushet

As I saw the reall

Meaning of desire

I understand you always saw

Throw me the potential

To have another life

But you never had the chance

To go inside the new world

Because I realised before

The sunrise

You are just a fraud




My Hemingway


You want to know everything

And I do not write to you

All the fragments

You can see the cracks

I expose the skin of the body

The soul

I would like to show you

When you hold my hand

And I will cry

My Hemingway







At the moment of birth

The world opens up to her

She’s smiling at three months old

The birds chirp over her head

While she walks in the garden with Grandma

So in the open air

She picks up the color of the sky

Green from the garden trees

She is lying in the stroller that surrounds her

And all around the world opens its gates

Life begins

My little granddaughter.

The magic in her

All the things yet to come to her

Full colours

A lot of love

The world will be better for her and her sisters

We promise