A greeting message from the Arab International Media Network Birthday greetings presence. Governor Michael Pozzolante

 The Arab Network ... extends its president, board of directors, advisors, managers and cadres locally, regionally and internationally, its warmest congratulations on the occasion of your birthday on this 

blessed day, who gave birth to the great lady man , a great person who lit the torch of the Kingdom of Atlantis for the sake of man and humanity. On this happy occasion, we congratulate you on your auspicious birthday, brother president Michael Pozzolante and friend 


 Long life and a comfortable life with lasting success, leadership and giving

 Creativity and excellence for the sake of freedom, democracy, peace and love for the Kingdom of Atlantis and humanity Hand in hand we all make the Kingdom glory

Happy New Year

  Minister of State for Information

H.E. Dr. Mohamad Al-Hajj Dib 

Kingdom of Atlantis