Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Atlantis Dr Mohammed alabbadi: Dr. Iyad Issa Minister of Legal Affairs, Kingdom of Atlantis National Peace Initiative – Yemen


We, The Kingdom of Atlantis (Kingdom Under Construction) seek to spread peace, love, and Tolerance all around the Planet. and to renounce Racism and hatred.

We endeavor to establish our kingdom based on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals Launched by The United Nations 2015.

From this point of view, we call on all parties in Yemen to support the peace efforts and immediately ceasefire, To protect what is left from Yemeni people lives and properties.

We call for a national initiative, for a national dialogue involving all parties to the conflict In Yemen to stop the bleeding of Yemeni blood away from personal goals and interests, based on the right of the Yemeni people to live freely and peacefully.

The dialogue should be based on :-

• National dialogue aiming to Promote Yemen and the Yemeni people standard of  living,

•The formation of a national government comprising of all components of the Yemeni people.

• Seeking justice, integrity and a decent life for Yemeni citizens by eliminating unemployment, supporting the poor and needy, protecting the rights of the Yemeni people.

 • Independence of Yemeni decision.

 • Achieving peace in Yemen. 

The Kingdom of Atlantis will be supportive of any efforts being made to bring lasting peace in Yemen, and to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Dr. Iyad Issa 

Minister of Legal Affairs, 

Kingdom of Atlantis