Cultural diversity Preparation _H. E. Dr. Gulnar Siham benchabane, Minister of Culture, Arts and Antiquities in the Kingdom of National ew Atlantis


Cultural  expresses “the presence of different cultures in the world or in societies or in different institutions” It is a group of diverse or different cultures instead of the culture of the tribe or society “Cultural diversity is also called cultural pluralism, and this pluralism arises through the strengthening of multiple cultural traditions within one jurisdiction through the establishment or expansion of a jurisdiction in areas integrated by two or more cultures, or through migration from one state to a different state, cultural diversity is a driving force for development, not only at the level of economic growth, but also as a means of living a more complete intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life, which is stipulated in the international instruments regulating the field of cultural heritage, which provides a solid foundation for the promotion of cultural diversity.Thus, cultural diversity is a necessary feature to reduce Poverty and sustainable development . At the same time, acceptance and recognition of cultural diversity - through the creative use of media and ICTs in particular - contributes to creating Dialogue between civilizations and cultures and to achieve mutual respect and understanding. The importance of cultural diversity is that it may be vital to the survival of mankind in peaceful coexistence for a long time, in addition to the importance of preserving the cultures of indigenous people, artistically, mathematically, technologically, and literary, and the mixing of cultural diversity in the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities is the first of its kind,  In terms of the difference of race, religion and customs to create a more flexible and accepting society while helping the Kingdom to create bridges of communication between sister countries through which purely cultural diplomatic relations are produced, and from this standpoint the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities works to embrace the people of the world and give the opportunity for every heritage that is not yet known or has not obtained the necessary definition around the world through cultural production and the development of individual and societal culture tools capable of developing skills and capabilities and strengthening identity, citizenship and belonging in the face of obscurantist thought in order to preserve the unity of the soil and the community fabric and building for the active and open human being who is able to participate in creativity and achievement, safeguarding and developing the homeland, and restoring what may be cracked from it.