Kihsan dahal : "The role of civil society in combating the pandemic".

The host of idea, including theorist in Asia, the Middle east and the post communist europe,  
 neither post-Marxist nor liberal democratic writers have provided an explanation for the historical emergence of the modern idea of civil society itself. Aristotle is credited with the first usage of the term civil society, although his meaning has been distorted subtly in the translation from Greek to Latin and then to English. Then the emerge of political scenario around world started relating civil society as one of its features to be adapted.  

 Role of civil society In combating the corona virus pandemic gets enhanced, this is a war and battle is on everyone of us, human beings. World economy is under crisis, poorest civilization are on verge of death, with hunger 
  virus, this period of pandemic has stopped the daily life. 
 This is firstly on civilized and educated like minded gatherings, sticking to the Government guide lines, making uneducated and rural population aware it's in the hands of civil society to fight this battle 
  alongside the  government and frontline warriors. 
 Its contributors agree that civil society 
  is the realm of plural and particular identities and interests, again this pandemic needs such resources and resilience. 

 The increasing cases of casualties across the globe, only valid option left is to keep our race under total lockdown,  

 In  countries like  India, things get multitask, being a secular nation, gatherings and festivals are part of daily living, also most of the rural manipulated  population, still believes In conspiracy theories and fake propaganda, politically created to gain the materialistic satisfactions. We humans have been greedy and always lived ahead from just so called necessity. To make this part of population  aware and to make sure they don't just die of hunger, is where civil society must be concerned. As the policies are amazingly crafted keeping pandemic calamity ahead, following Authority guidelines, reaching to every needed citizen has to be the main concern of today civil society. 

 This Wuhan outbreak has caused concern with alarming level of spread and severity. World health organisation had been trying their best, and scientist across the globe are indulging their every hour in search of Corona inoculation
 . The purpose of educated minds should not just stopped with regular responsibilities, this is the time to stretch ones boundries, maintaining guidelines and helping the needy, Like being  
 a glass of water and quenching  the thirst of others. 
 Not only the individual advances from infancy to manhood, but the species itself from rudeness to civilization. The final and the most crucial  part should be played by the media, the social media in this content. Delivering authentic news and believing in humanity rather then running behind materialistic earnings. We are all in this together, getting out together and alive will be an  applaudable victory in the name mankind.