Ambassadors Eden Soriano TrinidadDirector of Arabic Network in the Philippines : Tianyu’s New Poems(1)Our Love Will Shine Foreve

Tianyu’s New Poems:

(1)Our Love Will Shine Forever

It‘s you that always lingering in my dreams,
It's you that made it difficult for me to in good resist.
I want to measure whether we were far or close to each other,
Exchanged the informations with each other's eyes to convey the love stably.

Never giving up on my love for you,
My sincerity is everywhere in the streets.
Whether you can feel it in everything,
My love for you like the warmth that in endlessly?

May the god,
To let’s meet with each other in hurry,
It’s always my biggest wish.

Just want to turn into the starlight at tonight,
And coming to your side with more kisses.
The love will shine forever,
Like the stars through our eyes in voiceless.

(2)Be Happy My Friend

On a warm afternoon, 
I picked up a cup of coffee, 
My free heart was full of the spring. 
Always thinking about something, that photographs like landscape paintings, 
Let me have too much good feelings. 

In today's world, 
Although there had been many disasters, 
I always looked forward to the stars every day.
I always blv in that all the sad things, 
Will only temporary obstacles, 
I blv that once the sadness is gone, 
It‘ll never appear in rings. 

Life in now the world who hadn’t had a difficult time?
But you can get through it if you're brave enough.
You needn’t have to cry to win all the time, 
Be happy my friend, 
Just show me your smiles, 
Let your loneliness be changed in my eyes’ catching.


If I were the boat in the sea,
Are you willing to be the sail of my life,
Without any tears and beats?

I want to take all of my tenderest,
For this moment turns into that proudly blue in your heart and sees.

If it was you who pointed out the flowering season of the four seasons for me,
Then I would like to bloom loneliness and burn for you in much sweets.

I do think now that I should be the shadow of your loyalty,
Your departure is my wick, 
The existence of extinction,
Cut in freely.

【Bio: Tianyu, his English name is Devil·Bosa, male, born in 1994 Shandong Province Tai’an City. The member of Chinese poetry society, China central television (CCTV) "Chinese wisdom" group director, calligraphy and painting at the signing of a writer,  the member of the American China frequently, international archaeological and historical linguistics institute researcher, director, Motivational Strips, grant "Ambassador De Literature" (" Literature Ambassador "), in the China office of President, Serbia Alia Mundi magazine at this stage the only interview Chinese poets. He began to write poetry at the age of six. His works had been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines at home and abroad and have been translated into many languages. In 2018, he was awarded the second prize in the national excellent literary works competition for the 15th anniversary of the resumption of the publication of jinggangshan writers' daily, and was awarded the special role model of The Times in 2018. Second prize in Wen Yiduo poetry competition in 2018; BPPW gold award in 2019; Award for excellence in Latin American literature in 2019; Award for American poetry in 2019; Bronze medal of "bena" award for French poetry and song in 2019; In 2019, he won the silver award of the American pegasus poetry award and other awards. The International Culture Publishing Company published the monograph "the light in the sky" Tianyu modern poetry anthology, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House published "Tianyu lyrics anthology", China Ground Publishing House published "Tianyu lyrics anthology 2" and other books.】