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Krishna Prasai

From his book Absence of the Sun
Title: And … I devoured life everlastingly                         

The journey is going on perpetually,

And the destination will go on the same way,

Climbing the mountains of suffering,

Passing through the pyramids of agonies,

And crossing over the alien walls,

I am being torn and the journey is widening all the more.

I am descending, but it's ascending up and up,

Yes, the journey is ceaselessly on,

Where both treading and also being trodden

Are just events that occur one after another.

I step on it,

It presses me down,

I trick it to fall down

It throws me down.

I should have rested my load on the wayside platform

By supporting it first with a stick,

But no, I have no time to do it.

Before I take off my burden

It's impossible to take rest myself

While on a journey.

The more the mind slips ahead

Moving my steps

The more the horizon extends

Seeing the goal.

My goodness! How long is the journey of man –


Life/ journey!

•           •           •           •    

Transforming lanes into blacktopped streets,

And standing myself as hunger,

I devoured many intersections and crossroads

And swallowed several turnings and trails.

When limits of tolerance began to dry up,

Hillocks of patience started to give way,

And the no-confidence proposals crumbled down all over me,

Even then I ate my journey all the time,

I guzzled time ceaselessly,

          And I devoured life everlastingly.