Author: Violeta Márquez Opportunists ...

Author: Violeta Márquez

Opportunists seek in a thousand ways to be accepted and you realize the way they label and seek in a thousand ways to have recognition.

Thank God!

If there is one thing, it is that I feel sure of myself!

And I don't have to search or tag, send or beg for my progress in literature.

And those who know me know very well that Violeta is honest and maybe cold at times ...

Why do we often have to take care of wolves in sheep's clothing!
Anyone can put a degree in philosophy and careers or perhaps literature, in this current time ...

Better to analyze who is genuine or not!

There are thousands of photos that are with photo montage filters and thousands of things.

But ladies and gentlemen!

Even so!

We each know our history and literature is not at stake because it is not for awards or medals, if you went to university to study philosophy or theater.

Here we are already in minutes of real people coming to light!

Hoping that with this storybook, we have more conscience and think with the heart and love from the heart .....

All I have is  the university of life!

And I am more than grateful.
©️Violeta Marquez
Copyright May 1