Title: Man and Nature Author: Narsing Bongu Rao IFCH Ambassador for Creativity- India

Title: Man and Nature
Author:  Narsing Bongu Rao
IFCH Ambassador for Creativity- India

A Sun and a Moon, 
and the sky filled with sparkling star,
adding shine and energy,
to us all,
direct is our connection with Nature,
with never ending abundance,
it severs us all forever.

Never do we fail to take from it,
only to be replenished,
from the other side,
the mother of mankind as she is,
never shall she stop from giving,
relentlessly to all our demands.

Like the umbrella would
guard us from Sun and rains,
the mother is there, 
to protect us from all.

Meeting with a group of friends,
you share it all,
with demands and expectations,
some to be solved,
the unfulfilled demands,
giving rise to frictions,
withdrawing from everyone,
we get into our shell,
never to be in speaking terms,
snapping off the closeness to all.

We want to be the rulers,
but accept the fact,
that anyone can lead,
as all are equal,
nothing much to complain,
with aspirations under control,
it is time to realize,
the ball of ideas keeps rolling,
some shall reach the goal,
but others shall give it a miss.   N