Hasmukh Mehta : You must be   Stop quickly and recover the facts

Your crusade in
Sunday,3rd Nay 2020

There is no dearth of possibility 
if you try to live with positivity 
but that comes after hard struggle 
you need not wait for any example

life has to move on
despite hardship is shown 
when you remove the fear of detachment
world remains so important

not dry leaves alone
but everything has gone
into wilderness
despite your strong chase

you have come alone
and might have wanted someone 
but it is your crusade
before becoming dead

life is not gossip
it shall make you weep 
throw you away from the set course
but you shall have remedy sans curse

let there be storms with heavy clouds
that shall sound very much dangerous 
but you got to be courageous 
stand fast and bounce back with the realities

Hasmukh Mehta