Director of the Arabic Network in the Philippines, Ambassador Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad : Title: PANDEMIA Author: Edwin Cordevilla IFCH Ambassador - Philippines

Author: Edwin Cordevilla
IFCH Ambassador - Philippines

(Excerpt from LEGEND, an epic-in-progress)

On the threshing-floor of faith
God separates the seeds from trash.
Great is the harvest,
But, also great is the burning.

The plague ceases not
Until every soul learns to fear,
For the fear of the Lord is
The beginning of understanding.

His angel wields the sword of death,
Those who disbelieve God tremble
For their lives, though they hide
They are found wanting of faith.

Global leaders are confused
For they know not,
They cannot sleep soundly as the unknown
Makes their mansions their prisons.

The poor who cry the Lord does hear,
Heaven does shed its tears,
Why in summer it does drizzle,
Wetting the earth with mercy.

But the angel’s sword returns
Not to its sheath, not yet,
Until the populations reach full realization
Of their wayward ways, else the plague stays.

I am a mere witness to this unfolding
Of God’s hand in a global pandemic
When a virus not even the size of an ant
Sets the world to a standstill!

This is not a global war
Against the virus,
But, this is a war against the mind,
A mind that refuses to believe.

Heaven is open in a different way
For the whole world has gone astray,
Let us now realize that we are one,
That God rules over the moon and sun.

Copyright ©️ 2020, EMC