Eden Soriano Trinidad Director of Ambassadors of IFCH International Forum for Creativity and Humanity & Director of Arabic Network in the Philippines


Eden's endurance
Saturday,30th May 2020

She is such a nice poetess
that you shall never witness 
fatigue or discomforts on her face
but she shall go on chasing the object

she has tremendous endurance
and finishes the work at once
she will not think of herself at first
but move on for others to meet the tryst 

she is not made of brittle element
but from hard carbon at present
she is in search of fine poets/poetesses
and this she does relentlessly 

let her be endowed with full energy
from an almighty 
despite so much of stress
she goes ahead without any recess

I know her capability
she is made from fine mettle with full capacity
to drive for an ultimate end 
and this has remained her trend 

let God grant her an extra energy 
to work for the poetry 
and literature 
to make the future very sure 

She has not only humanitarian leaning
but very much prompt in learning
the plight and anguish of human beings
and this makes her to work for the humanity 

Hasmukh Mehta