PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY: THE SECOND COMING TO AFRICA By .. Director of the Arab Network in the Philippines Eden S Trinidad 12-15-18

By Eden S Trinidad



The ground-breaking Humanity Conference, fittingly called, “The Role of Global Partnership in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals,” was recently held (September 29- October 1) at the Historical Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana under the auspices of The International Humanity Conference (IHC). Dr. Waheed Musah, the young and dynamic Founder/CEO of Hafrican Prince Art World (HPAW), organized said event in collaboration with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry (PB for short). In attendance was PB’s founder, Doc Penpen B. Takipsilim (Dr. Epitacio R Tongohan), Father of Visual Poetry, popularly known in international poetic cliques as Doc Penpen, as a show of support. With him was Ms. Eden S. Trinidad, an educator by profession and a true-blue PB Administrator. Determined to make IHC “a global platform, where individuals and organizations can come together to network and share ideas on how to overcome the difficult challenges and pressing problems facing the human race across the world and come out with strategic implementation action plans to solve the problems for the advancement of humanity,” Dr. Waheed brought together eminent delegates and dignitaries from the Philippines, India, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria and The Netherlands. 

If the warm welcome upon arrival of the international guests was any indication, the event was headed to success. No less than His Royal Highness, Naa Alhaji Chacson Mampurisi, Chief of Greater Accra Ghana, cordially received the delegates at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. He brought with him a spirited tribal group that performed the Traditional National African Royal Dances to the accompaniment of equally animated Drummers much to the delight of the guests. Even the Ghanaians who happened to be around enjoyed the mini-festivity.

From the Kotoka International Airport, the delegation proceeded to the venue for further welcome formalities. While in transit, an African journalist, to start the ball rolling, asked the guests about their lives as poets and writers and what they could impart to the African people, in general and to the Ghanaian, in particular. The interviews during the course of the event (from arrival to transfer to their hotel) were fully covered by GTV, Pan African TV Network, the Hasua TV, Home Base TV and  New Tunes Entertainment. 

On the first day of the Conference, the audience and local participants eagerly awaited the arrival of the delegates; most especially, that of Doc Penpen, who was already well-known among the Ghana University students. Once again, the indefatigable  Host-Organizer, Dr. Musah brought the National Traditional Ghanaian Dancers and Drummers who maintained the cheery atmosphere.



⦿ WAHEED MUSAH – Founder of Hafrican Prince Art World (HPAW), Host  and Head Organizer of International Humanity Conference (IHC);                                    

⦿ DOC PENPEN B. TAKIPILSIM – Father of Visual Poetry; Founder of PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY;            

⦿ DR. LANKA SIVA RAMA PRASAD - Poet, Writer, Translator and Author of 130 books, a Cardiothoracic, HOD-CTVS Department at Karimnagar, India;

⦿ DR. KALPANA MALLICK – Poet and Entrepreneur with a Doctorate in Environmental Science;

⦿ PROFESSOR GOPICHAND PARUPURI - Poet and Author, English Department Head and Vice-Principal at JKC College in Guntur, India;

⦿ PROFESSOR NAGASEESUELA PACNHUMARTHI - Poet and Author, Associate Professor in the Department of English J.K.C. College in Guntur, India:

⦿ EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD - Poet and Administrator of Pentasi B, Entrepreneur, Director of Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Philippines;

⦿ CAROLE BONKERS - Missionary from the Netherlands;

⦿ UMUDJERE AFRIKAN MAN – Convener, Youths for Presidency Movement, Nigeria;

⦿ HONORABLE RASHID PELPOU -  Poet, Author, Writer, Member of Ghana Parliament, Tribal Chief of WA Province, 2016 Pentasi B Awardee;

⦿ HIS EXCELLENCY M. HOSSAM ALSABBAGH - Peacekeeper, Human Rights Activist, Businessman, CEO of Samara Y Industrial Ltd. Business, Syria;

⦿ MOHAMMAD NAJIB CHEAIIB - Human Rights Advocate, Peacekeeper, IOPSH Ambassador of the International Peace Organization, Lebanon;

⦿ ABUROF MUSTAPHA KISHKI – Outstanding Student, Alumnus of the University of Professional Studies, Ghana;

⦿ HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, USMAN BABAH MUSAH - President of Private School Association in Yeji Province and Chief of Adama Sulemana, Father of Dr. Waheed Musah, Ghana;


⦿ MRS. FATI MUSAH - Mother of Mr. Candy Ghana, Ghana; 

⦿ LAWRENCE A YEBOAH - CEO of Blow up TV & Presenter, Ghana;

⦿ AHMED ABUBAKAR - African Immigrants Support Network; Ghana;

⦿ YAWSEKYERE NUAMAH - Instructor at Ghana Education Center;

⦿ MATTIAS KATTIANAH - Math Professor, Ghana;

⦿ RUHAINA KAZAK - Access Bank Employee, Ghana;


⦿ The National Traditional Dancers and Drummers of Greater Accra and the Senior High School Students of the University of Ghana.



The first to speak was Eden S. Trinidad. When she mentioned that she was from the Philippines, the audience burst into a spontaneous applause. The Philippines is famous among Ghanaians because of the ring exploits of Senator Manny Pacquiao, once named as the pound-for-pound best boxer, and the country’s seemingly endless supply of beauty queens, all of them figuring prominently in international beauty contests. 


Speaking like an educator that she is, Trinidad said that Ghanaians should keep their culture and traditions in the midst of modernization that might soon engulf their country with the latest technologies. Likewise, she advised them to maintain the goodness in their hearts which was very noticeable in their ready, big, beautiful smiles. Further, seeing the peaceful and harmonious co-existence between Christians and Muslims in Accra, she also encouraged them to keep their hearts open in building good relationship among their fellow human beings for it was there in their hearts, that goodwill could triumph and flourish. Uniting the Conference’s theme with where it all started, in poetry to be specific, she also emphasized the ultimate Mission and Vision of PB, i.e. to unite human beings that they might live in harmony with one another by building friendships and extending helping hands to the needy and the less fortunate.  


Carole Bonkers, the second speaker, shared her experiences on how she fell in love with the African people, in their culture and in their traditions.  She revealed that during her first visit to Africa, she immediately felt a connection and belongingness to this wonderful continent. Going back to where she was born and grew up, she no longer felt she belonged in her own country, The Netherlands. Thus, she left everything including her family to start a new life amongst her beloved Africans. 


Hon. Dr. Rashid Pelpou, a member of Ghana Parliament, the third speaker, profounded on “How his being a politician can benefit the majority of his people and what it can do, to have total effect to the majority in Ghana?” 

He said, “When I went to Parliament I adopted a line of thoughts, and I told myself my voice in Parliament will always be a voice of reason, one that can stabilize tension, tell the truth, wherever the truth is coming from and however it will affect anybody. To try hard not to do what people hate and to try hard to do something that will change their lives positively. It is very difficult to change people unless you change who you are. So I’m trying very hard to be a person that they can emulate. And, also to be able to talk to people whenever I can so that they could bring out the best in them. 

I believe that ‘An uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’… if you are the leader of the people they will throw every dust at you because you are supposed to address the challenges they face since they elected you to represent and symbolize who they are. So, if we, elect leaders, begin doing things that the people don’t like, we create a problem in the world and we create a problem for ourselves. I’m looking to the day when a young person will stand up and say, “I’m very proud of my politicians and I’m happy I have voted for them.” Moreover, he advised the young people to not overly engage in partying and politicking. He warned them too about the evils of social media. He likewise answered questions from the audience. 


Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, the fourth speaker, enthused with so much determination and emotion, touched the audience with his speech. His message for humanity drew a great deal of applause. He stressed two issues: Self-sufficiency and Living with Dignity. 

He said that “Humanity attains its highest form when every individual is treated with respect regardless of color, creed, race, place of birth. Dignity is the measure of life in all walks and places. In reality, people must develop their own infrastructure, not succumbing to the gadgets made by developed countries. Otherwise, the country's resources would gradually go into the hands of MNCs and the local populace has to produce things determined by corporate sector. Humanity will survive in developing countries as long as the people maintain their integrity and self-respect. Sad to say, children from developing nations go to the developed countries as cheap labor or refugees and servitude or slavery in sophisticated form appears harming the basic tenets of humanity.” 

Truly, Dr. Prasad is not only a great poet but an eloquent speaker, as well. 


Doc Penpen, the last speaker, drew loud cheers over and over again when he delivered his message to the world and to the people of Ghana. He started by speaking through their native tongues, greeting the audience with a lively“AKWAABA, Medaase … M’ani agye me pe sen me ho mo, and of course, medo wo-wo-wo-wo-wow paa,” to the utter delight of the audience. 

He emphasized that: “We are one big family, Alaliya Al Alamiya, we are one big family of human love, friendship, and brotherhood.” He thanked all the members of Pentasi B Family all over the world, citing in particular Rashid Pelpou, an honorary member of PB. Grateful too, was he to the highly respected former presidents of Ghana, recently named honorary administrators,  Jerry John Rawlings and John Dramani Mahama, as well as to the current President Nana Akufo-Addo. Continuing his speech, Doc Penpen reiterated that: “PB is here to inspire people, the young generations to create humane, compassionate leaders for all, not only for the Christians and Hindus but also for the Muslims including all kinds of religion. Such is Pentasi B’s reverberating mantra where its Mission and Vision have ‘No colors, No Races, All colors, All Races, All Loves Embraces’. For that we are lucky to find a young man here in Ghana, one that represents the ideals of Pentasi B, undoubtedly a humanitarian, kind-hearted young man with remarkable talent and creativity.”

“We salute him for bringing, not just Ghana but all over the world, the beauty and greatness of this country. I truly believe that I erred not when Pentasi B had its First Coming to Ghana in 2016, the time when the first Pentasian was born, thanks to Benjamin Nii Oku, Pentasian’s originator. And, of course, the Second Coming is very much different because it is the realization of a vision that I foresaw, prompting me to declare then that Africa, in general, being ‘The Land of the First-born’ and thus ‘The Cradle of Humanity,’ would be the Mission’s progenitor, and Ghana, in particular, would set the example and pave the way to the establishment of a truly humane society. And, now here we are in Ghana, witnessing the fulfillment of that vision.”

The Conference was attended by the Senior High School students of Ghana University to learn. Rightly so for they are the citizens of tomorrow. Mrs. Fati Musah, the mother of Mr. Candy Ghana, who also participated in the discussions, also served chocolates to everyone.

A book on world peace entitled, “LET PEACE PREVAIL,” a joint project of Professors Gopichand and Nagaseesuela, was launched and they released Peace Cards right after the Q & A portion. This was followed by the Indian delegation’s presentation of award to former Minister and member of Ghana Parliament, Dr. Rashid Pelpou, in recognition of his works and advocacy for humanity and for his book of poetry entitled, “THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE,” which was translated in Telugu by Dr. L Sr Prasad. The Indian delegation also bestowed upon Doc Penpen the Plume Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. 



Then, it was time to give out the much-coveted PENTASI B Awards. In the past, the PB’s awards had created a big impact in the lives of the recipients, most of them having done good deeds to fellow human beings. This time, the IHC continued to recognize those who championed the cause for and the ideals of humanity.

The PB Medallions, the amalgam of symbols, are fashioned from serpentinite rocks found in Zambales, a northern province in the Philippines. Serpentinite rocks, also known as Zambrox (Zambales Rocks) were first unearthed by the tribal people from the foot of Mt. Pinatubo which erupted in 1992. The Pentasi B 2018 medallions were donated by the good Governor of Zambales, Atty. Amor D. Deloso who supported and shared the advocacy of PB and IHC. Not to be outdone, Mr. Jun Farin, the owner of 1611 Arts & Crafts, also donated some medallions.

The PENTASI B AWARDS according to Doc Penpen “… are given to persons beyond the material value of its recognition but the worth of character.” Explaining further, he exclaimed “YES, always remember, U were chosen and awarded ‘Unique & Special Trophy and Medallions’  because U are beyond the ‘material value’ of its recognition. Rather it represents the ‘worth of your character.’ You who are not afraid to carry the responsibilities and obligations, braving trials and challenges -- the contents of its real and true worth and pure essence; one who can walk the talk and those are who we call Pentasians - chosen and anointed…because ...

‘They are the roaring Lions but with hearts of a Lamb;
They are the fiery Dragons but with wings of a Dove’…” 



★ HON. RASHID PELPUO (Former Minister of State and Member of Parliament of Ghana);

★  HRH PIMAMPIM NANA YAW KAGBRESE V (President of Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs and King of Yeji);

★  PRINCE KOJO HILTON (Art Director, Production Designer, Greater Accra Chairman of Ghana Association of Visual Artists);

★   DR. WAHEED MUSAH (The Youngest World Leader Laureate);

★  HIS EXCELLENCY MOHAMMED HOSSAM ALSABBAGH (CEO of Samara Yo Industrial LTD. Peacekeeper, Human Rights Activist and Business Man, Syria);

★  HIS EXCELLENCY JERRY JOHN RAWLINGS (Former President of Ghana);

★  HIS EXCELLENCY JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA (Former President of Ghana);


★  HRH NANA KWEKU DUAH (King of Konkoma, Traditional Area); 

★  HON. SAMIA YABA NKRUMAH (Daughter of the First President of Ghana, First Ghanaian Female Chairwoman of a major political party and former member of the Parliament);

★  HON. STEVEN SIAKA (Educationalist and Member of Parliament);

★  HRH NAA ALHAJI CHECKSON OSMAN ISSAHAKU (Greater Accra Regional Mamprusi King);

★  HRH USMAN BABA MUSAH and MANSARATU MUSAH (President of Private Schools Association in Yeji Province & Parents of Dr. Waheed Musah); and

★  SIITA SOFO HISSAN (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of North Television and BA Television in Tamale and Brong - Ahafo, and Nsaaniyya Television located in Kasoa, Central Region of Ghana, and one of the brains behind the African Intercontinental TV and African Media Institute; Star of the North [National Youth Authority Awards]. Selected as one of the most influential young Chief Executive Officers [CEOs] in Ghana by YCEO GH).



✿ DANIEL ASARE ANANE OGYEDJATOR (Management Information Systems Manager NHIS Pru District);


✿ PROF. LADE WOSORNU (Retired Surgeon and Poet);

✿ HRH NAA ALHAJI CHECKSON OSMAN ISSAHAKU (Greater Accra Regional Mamprusi King);

✿ HON. RASHID PELPUO (Former Minister of State and Member of Parliament);

✿ MANSARATU MUSAH (Queen, Philanthropist, and Business Woman).

✿ MR. MUSAH TRAWILL (Multi-awarded Entrepreneur, known as Mr. Candy Ghana, Chicago);

✿ H.E. MOHAMAD NAJIB CHEAB (Human Rights Ambassador, UN Humanitarian Agent, Peacekeeper, Lebanon);

✿ RSM KOFI DOE LAWSON (Television and Radio Host & Journalist Homebase TV);

✿ LAWRENCE A. YEBOAH (CEO of Blow up TV & Presenter);

✿ IVAN BANNS (Entrepreneurs Today TV Host & Journalist, Pan African TV);

✿ UMUDJERE AFRICAN MAN (Convener of Youth for Presidency Nigeria);

✿ AHMED KPALANGA ABUBAKAR (Immigrant Ambassador and CEO of Africans Immigration Support Network);

✿ PROF. ALAA SAMEH A. ALHAMEED (Professional and Human Rights Ambassador, Egypt);

✿ CAROLE DONKERS (Humanitarian Missionary, the Netherlands); and

✿ YAW SEKYERE NUAMAH (Instructor at Ghana Education Center).













Bestowed the "FIRST PENTASIAN AWARD 2018" to Dr. WAHEED MUSAH, for his sincerity, transforming and inspiring dedication to uplift the lives of human beings.

“The PENTASIAN AWARD is the highest award, a leadership award given to young people who would be future leaders of Nations; one who truly believes in the Pentasian ideals of protecting and saving lives regardless of colors, cultures and beliefs; one who pursues excellence, indefatigably and relentlessly;  one who lives his poetry for the common good and betterment of oneself  and other beings for the ultimate happiness and survival of Humanity as a whole and all other life forms in  the Universes. 

YES, one who believes in the highest essence of 'one's beingness of being a Human'; one who has an intense, endless, sincere, selfless passion to UNITE all human beings regardless of colors, cultures and beliefs, and can bring back the trust for being human to represent the best of the very best of Humanity in order to reach the endless peak of Humanity's rightful happiness, prosperity, and glory for all -- the coming of One Great Poetry Celebration;

YES, one who embraces, unconditionally, the above Clearheaded Vision and Noble Mission of Pentasi B for Humanity.”



One of the highlights of the International Humanitarian Conference (IHC) was the donation of the very exclusive PENTASI B BIG BOOK (24-inch-width and 36-inch-height), which contains the Tributes, Messages, Photos and Poems for Pentasi B Humanitarian Mission and Vision of the chosen Pentasi B Honorary members, admins and bona fide members.

The biggest copy was donated to the University of Ghana. The four (4) medium-sized ones were given to the following: 

⚑ H.E. JERRY JOHN RAWLINGS (Former President of Ghana),
⚑ H.E. JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA (Former President of Ghana), 
⚑ H.E. NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFO-ADDO (Current President of Ghana), and                                                                                                             
⚑ HON. RASHID PELPUO (Former State Minister and Current Member of Parliament of Ghana).

Yes, the International Humanitarian Conference was indeed a memorable, successful and fulfilling humanitarian Conference that honored and recognized the support and contributions of the Awardees in different fields, towards their different ways of touching lives of fellow human beings. The statement of  Lawrence A. Yeboah, Director of Pan African TV station rang true and I quote, “The topic of discussion which was ‘Poverty Stricken Humanity and our fundamental roles in achieving the sustainable development goal in the way of saying no to poverty for a better world,’ gave us the opportunity to discuss and come out with the possible solution for making the world a better place and  eliminating poverty as we also listen to our inspiring international speakers who positively imparted into the participants. Some participants were awarded for their immense contribution towards the aim of making the world a better place and promoting peace.“

He also noted that, ”… he thinks whatever efforts that someone is making to sustain peace and make sure the world becomes a better place for all of us, irrespective of the person’s field of work, his or her contribution needs to be appreciated to urge people give out their best in promoting peace. The media, authors, poets and some socialists are playing a big role in the sustainable development goal. I happened to be an awardee and it was the International Humanitarian Award. As a young television presenter and director, my support and advocacy through the media has been recognized and am happy because it has motivated me to do more so I think the IHC is a laudable idea and a good course in a right direction which needs to be supported.”

Also among the participants in the IHC was Ruhaina Razak, Team member, Corporate Solutions in Access Bank Ghana Africa. She had a message for the delegates and PB members – “I must first of all thank our delegates for making time to come down to Africa to share such wonderful moments with us.  Indeed, this portrays the real essence of the Pentasi B World Friendship forum. The program was a wonderful one and it left lasting memories with us and has inspired many to reach out and spread the humanity seed as much as we can. I am hoping anxiously for ‘The Third Coming of Pentasi B’ which I'm certain will be a much bigger event. Long live Pentasi B.”

Meanwhile, Rashid Pelpou did not miss the opportunity to invite to his house the Indian and Philippine delegates. His lovely wife cooked and served delicious and nutritious lunch. Then Dr. Pelpou and the guests took turns in reading out loud their own poems and the host bestowed on them gifts including his book, “The True Meaning of Life”. The delegates were privileged to also meet the five (5) lovely daughters of this couple. Such friendly reception was indeed exemplary. 



After a day, Dr. Rashid Pelpou hosted in his house a special dinner fellowship for Doc Penpen and Eden S Trinidad. It was a special dinner too, for the indefatigable Dr. Waheed Musah, who was then celebrating his 26th birthday that day. Dr. Waheed exclaimed that that was the most special birthday celebration he ever had in his life – having dinner at the house of Dr. Pelpou in the company of Doc Penpen, The Father of Visual Poetry. 

After dinner, a copy of Pentasi B Big book was formally handed over to Dr. Pelpou. Doc Penpen entrusted to him two (2) more copies intended for H.E. John Dramani Mahama (Former President of Ghana), and H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (Current President of Ghana). Not long after, Dr. Rashid Pelpou announced that he requested the President of Ghana to give Doc Penpen the “National Artist Award” for all the things he had done around the world, promoting and supporting literary arts and humanitarian works. Following that, HPAW International Humanitarian Awards were presented to Doc Penpen and Eden S Trinidad. 

Then came the time when Dr. Pelpou and Dr. Musah gave Doc Penpen a special wooden trophy. According to Dr. Waheed Musah said trophy was “royally given” to “the destined [for greatness] personality.” Carved on the wooden trophy is the title, KING OF KINGS OF VISIONARY POETRY. 

That same evening, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo surprised Doc Penpen when he declared him the “NAA of Ghana, a Chief of one village in WA Province of Ghana.” Dr. Pelpou is the Chief of the whole WA Province. He told Doc Penpen that when he comes back to Ghana, he would show him the village in WA where he is Chief of. Another pronouncement was given to Eden Soriano Trinidad who was also surprised to hear from Dr. Rashid Pelpou, announcing her as “Queen Mother” of one village in WA province.

The special awarding ceremony was covered by Hausa TV who also took time to interview the awardees. 



The international and local delegates (those who travelled from their provinces) were all hosted and housed in a spacious, beautiful, comfortable apartment owned by a Ghanaian, a retired US Army. It was our pleasure to meet him and his brothers, the caretakers of the apartment where we all felt safe, relaxed and peaceful.

As part of the city tour around Accra, the international delegates visited a big mosque. There the children gathered around them and listened to them. Eden Soriano Trinidad, the delegate from Philippines, delightfully attended to them. She sang nursery songs to them and to her surprise they all joyfully sang with her. She then taught them one song that goes - “The time to be happy is now and the place to be happy is here and the way to be happy is to make others happy and to have a little heaven down here.”

Then she asked if (any) one of them had a poem and if they could recite it. Everybody was eager to oblige. A 6-year-old boy stood up confidently and introduced himself then recited his poem called “Life.” Two more kids followed. All in all, the exercise was fun. Trinidad, true to her calling as an educator, was grateful for the opportunity to interact with youngsters, for here and now she could walk her talk instead of merely writing poems.

IHC facilitated a special LIVE TV Interview of three (3) foreign delegates at PAN AFRICA TV program “Good Morning Africa,” which was broadcast in the whole of Africa. In said interview, Prof. Gopichand Parupuri, of India, spoke of essential things that human beings needed to ponder about - “…we humans are building barriers to one another, so we are being segmented and separated by caste, creed, religion, race and color… that, if we could take away our selfishness, that, if we could share our love with our family members and friends, definitely there will be peace of mind among us human beings. That the reason behind so many atrocities in this world is simply because of the lack of love and the other one is selfishness. We are now disturbing the universe; if we disturb the universe definitely humanity will suffer a lot. Ultimately all things lead to humanity. Humanitarian Conference is love and faith, two essential things that human beings need.”

 Dr. Rashid Pelpou’s hospitality was absolutely commendable. He not only invited the delegates to his own house but he let them use his car and even sent his brother-in-in law to drive and bring them anywhere they needed to go. It was such a display of sincere congeniality! 

With all of our hearts joined, Doc Penpen and the international delegates showered with enormous gratitude all the sponsors who supported our brother, Dr. Waheed Musah, for his endeavor and for making it possible to happen in Accra, Ghana. This young man stands tall as a real and true Pentasian. 

Finally, in an interview conducted by TV Hausa, the vision of Pentasi B Second Coming connects the head to its tail when Doc Penpen proclaimed: “Africa is the Soul and Home of Humanity.” 

Soon the groundwork for THE THIRD COMING TO AFRICA, a most anticipated event that will fuse Poetry with PENTASI B's  unshakable goal of achieving its Vision and Mission, that they may be tools to advance Humanity where it is defied and stiffed, bruised and battered, and reduced to a reward rather than a God~given gift to the whole of mankind, will be under way.

The International Humanity Conference (IHC) ended up with an endless spark of more exciting things to come and happen following Waheed Musah’s declaration, herein I quote: "...I will die and live for Pentasi B and deliver the Pentasi B trophy-like building to serve as symbol of the Immortality of Life for Humanity in preparation for Pentasi B’s Third Coming to Africa – a (real) Groundbreaking awaits!”

Until then though as early as now we raise our voices in harmony: LONG LIVE HUMANITY!







TEAM Editors - Contributors:
🌟 Eden S Trinidad -- principal writer;
the principal source of information, original narrative draft  of PB 2nd Coming activities & IHC event (edited & revised);
🌟 Jobb Gossamo - main editor and critic,  co-writer;
🌟 Gerry Gerardo DT Catolos -- 2nd editor, critic, and reviewer;
🌟 Waheed Musah -- prinncipal source of information for corrections, review, and narrations of missed facts;
🌟 Ruhaina Razak -- assistant source of information;
🌟 Ethel P David -- editor & reviewer
🌟 Neneth Ramiro Rondera -- editor & reviewer
🌟 Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim -- concept and insights, and final approval. 




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