The director of the Arab Network in Morocco is Dr. Aziz Mountassir : My Fault I did not have anything To do with it! .

My Fault

I did not have anything
To do with it! . . .  hhhhmmmmm

I did not ask for you
To drop bombs
On the villages, towns and cities
Of my fellow human beings

Why are you making more bullets,
And bombs
And disease
To kill others,
My sisters, my brothers,
Whom I have never met

Doing the bidding
Of the ‘Greed Merchants’
For oil, land
And any other resources
That belong to the Mother
And the people
Of the earth

They live in castles
With more than enough,
But they want more . . . for ?

They look out their guarded windowsAnd they see possibilities
Of greed . . .
They see the sunshine of growth

I look out the blood-stained glass
Of my window,
And I see fear,
And more fear
That we will not make it
As a humanity
As long as we continue
Our silence
And allow the demons
To rule

The common ‘school of thought’
These days,
Is based upon us
Attempting to make a way . . .
To live,
Feed our families,
Pay the bills
That are slowly choking us
To death

We wish to educate our children,
With truth,
And Love for all things . . . But where do we find these sacred seeds
To plant in the gardens
Of their future
When there is so much blight
Upon us 

Is it ‘My Fault’ ?
I say it is . . .
But I also say it is not,
Yet what we now have
Is what we got,
Because I did not speak,
Raise my voice in protest,
Shout loud enough
To effectuate any change,
And with that
The ugliness perpetuated itself
Upon us all . . . 

Yes it is time for change !
And should we fail
To assail ourselves
Upon this prevailing evil . . . 
Then yes . . . 
It is . . . .

©️ 29 april 2020 : william s. peters, sr.