Title: Man Within Name: NARSING BONGU RAO Global Creative Adviser of IFCH

Title: Man Within
Global Creative Adviser of IFCH

Plenty of ambitions,
desires unlimited,
getting generated within us,
every fraction of a second,
let them form in clusters,
live with us within,
till they get fulfilled.

They are our guests,
changing with time,
close relatives are they,
living with us for long,
never are they permanent,
for, we ourselves are not eternal;
we are just the guest of rolling time.

Wonderful is this world,
and the universe 
is just filled with unaccounted currency,
uncountable are they,
nor can you document them all,
never shall we reach the end of it,
as the end is always illusive, 
you may think you have reached the end,
nothing more left, 
to be learnt and accounted,
only to realize that you are just midway,
and shall remain there forever.

Life is full of colour balloons,
all our relationships, goals,
understandings are just, 
stop-gap arrangements within it,
but our destinies
are our finishing lines.

We do not have a permanent shelter,
nor is there