A biography of the Arab Network Director in Mexico, Ambassador Dr. marlene Pasini : Elizabeth Marilyn Rodriguez Garcia,

Personal CV:
       Elizabeth Marlene Rodriguez Garcia, who used the pseudonym marlene Pasini, was born in Toluca, Edo.  from Mexico.  Communications Scientist, Writer, Mexican Cultural Ambassador to Morocco (IFCH), Director of the Arab Lebanese Network in Mexico and Cultural Adviser to Cairo Cultural Forum, Psychotherapist, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Life and Personal Education Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Master of Arts, Diploma in History,  Diploma in Egyptology and hieroglyphics, specializing in ancient and Sufi wisdom.  He published 14 books of poetry, articles, novels, and personal and spiritual development.  Translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, Kannada, Hebrew and Arabic.  Awards: Awards for his poems in Mexico and Argentina.  2018, Diamond Star Distinction in his career in Liberal Arts, by International Journalists Service.  2019, Ibero-American Literature Prize by Fundación Liderazgo Hoy AC 2019 Learn about the Mexican letters from the Academy of Literature and Poetry.  2019, the timeless international award throughout his career.  2018, approved by the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity in Morocco, to contribute to humanity.  2019, recognized as a prominent public figure from the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity in Morocco for his contribution to humanity.  2020 holds a certificate of distinction in its humanitarian, cultural and creative efforts from the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity in Morocco.  2020, Honorary Doctorate, International Forum of Creativity and Humanity in Morocco.