Director of the Arab Network in Morocco, Ambassador Dr. Aziz Mountassir : Joanna Svensson REFLECTIONS OF THE PAST


It's easy to feel lost
When darkness falls in your mind
When despair chokes common sense

But you must never stagger
Never question your belief
Even when it seems hopeless
When the new dawn
Shows its red-eyed face
And you feel left behind
Left to your own fate

So you should make halt
And begin to contemplate
Where we are headed and
Why we are here
If you haven't learned nothing
About how vulnerable we all are
Then you can not change the world
And say that it is God's fault
Can not blame someone else
To put yourself in a better light

Heaven is open for your soul
But not for your greed
Because the greed will suffocate your senses
It will blindfold your truthful eyes

And pretend that all is as usual
As usuam? How? Like before?
In that case I ask: in what way?

In the beginning
The meadows of green
The oceans of ultra marine
The air was clean to breathe
The water was fresh to drink

In the beginning
The pantry of the forest
Was filled with all ingrediens
Had lots for every need

The Lord makes no difference
No matter what you own or not
He sees your honest heart
Your true appreciation
Your humility for your

He sees your pure soul
Not your facial make-up
If you're true to your heart
The door is always open!

Swenstorp, Sweden

©️®️ Joanna Svensson
©️ Private picture