Director of the Arab Network in the Philippines Eden SorianoTrinidad : JUNE 12th PHILIPPINE INDEPENCE DAY Araw Ng Kalayaan or Araw Ng Kasarinlan

Filipinos and the country Philippines Da goy of Freedom from Spain in 1882

Today the Phillippines is commemorating it's 
122 years Declaration of Phillippine Independence day from the colonization of Spain in 1898 June 12. 

June 12th is one of the most important and significant dates in the Philippine history and it is being celebrated annually by the  Filipinos.

But today June 12th of 2020, the Philippine Independence Day regular physical celebration  and gathering will not commence amidst  the Corona crisis.

The Arab Network and its team locally, regionally and internationally on the occasion

of Independence Day 112 for the Philippines congratulate the Presidents of the Republic, the government and the people on their lands and institutions on this great day every year and you   Director of the Arab Network in the Philippines Eden SorianoTrinidad are fine