I'm a divine soul 
Peace is my goal 
I'm for nobility 
Truth is my beauty 
Believe in integrity 
I like nature 
For bright future 
Love all religions 
Full of compassion 
And have great patience
To serve  human is my essence 
To love is my weakness 
I'm proud of my motherland 
Fragrance is in my hand 
Kindness is my jewel 
Here is paradise not hell 
Peacock dance when I smile 
Soft sweet music of love
I'm a heavenly dove 
I thank to my father 
For his spontaneous overflow
My shining face has amazing glow 
My land is fertile
Immortal I'm sent by lord 
As pure as the sun and moon 
Enlightened I'm for humanity 
To get my real goal 
As fresh as air 
As clear as the rain 
Enjoying true mission 
And its high flame 
Deep as like as an ocean 
Drink honey sleep as a swan 

INDIA 20-07-2019