Director of Arabic Network in the Philippines H.E. Eden Soriano Trinidad, LittD, PhD

By Dr. Amr_Saeed Al-Fiqi # Sustainable Development # It is a comprehensive activity for all sectors, whether in the state and public and private organizations.

It refers to the development, development and improvement of human life, life and welfare at the present time without prejudice to the integrity of the environment, resources and vital systems, which guarantees to future generations a decent life with rights to life and the provision of luxury and resources.
Sustainable development is restricted to three dimensions.
Economical dimension
..To meet human needs and develop the level of luxury and livelihood and support production and investment and its development
Social dimension ..
Providing social protection, achieving justice and non-discrimination.
After an environmental ...
It is focused on reducing the environmental impact of investments and industries related to human activity, protecting natural resources from depletion and misuse, rationalizing consumption, taking into account development and activating the principles of circular economy (recycling of environmental waste).
Sustainable Development Goals ..
These are goals set by the United Nations in 2015 with the goal of achieving three solutions for sustainable development, which will facilitate their understanding and application to countries, organizations and international decisions.
1- Poverty eradication ... by targeting the poorest groups
2- Eliminating hunger and ending all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030
3- Good health and well-being as epidemics, infectious diseases and the provision of vaccines.
4- Good learning: Completion of high-quality primary and secondary education.
5- Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls equal rights.
6- Clean water and hygiene.
7- Clean material at reasonable prices (solar, thermal, wind).
8- Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
10. Reducing inequalities.
11- Responsible consumption and production.
12- Sustainable cities and communities.
13- Life below water.
14 - Climate factor.
15- Life on Land.
16- Peace, justice and strong institutions.
17. Holding the partnership to achieve the goals.
Business Tour 2030 ....
It is a pledge of 193 countries and their support for the sustainable development goals and the international community's affirmation of support and stipulates ensuring comprehensive economic growth and environmental protection.
And the promotion of healthy societies and continuous social inclusion
Achieving comprehensive justice through a global partnership between countries, organizations and bodies through programs and steps to transform the world into a sustainable path towards eradicating poverty and inequality.
Stages of the development of sustainable development.
The beginning was with De Rom Club in 1970, which issued a report on the limits of growth, at a time when economists in the world might seek to investigate the accumulations between the economic and social dimensions, where a formulation and strategy for implementing economic and social growth was reached.
In 1987, the United Nations General Assembly decided to prepare for the Rio de Janeiro conference to define strategies to reduce and eliminate the effects of environmental degradation and to support environmentally sound sustainable development.
1992 - The Earth Summit was held, and the Joe Nesberg Declaration was issued in the presence of Kofi Annan to announce these strategies.
Sustainable development indicators.
It is, in practice, somewhat difficult to measure the correlation between goals and results, where the measurement includes the linkage between the three dimensions, economic, social and environmental, represented in
Water ... food ... health ... services and shelter ... energy ... education and income.
The role of the individual, society and organizations ....
The individual's role is limited to preserving the environment from pollution, rationalizing consumption and recycling waste
The family must bring up generations to take social and economic responsibility
Civil society plays a major role in supporting the efforts of the state and the government in promoting sustainable development methods, working on the success of the goals and preserving the surrounding environment
Organizations work to help support the poor, provide services and aid to raise the standard of living of citizens and achieve social justice and equality
Assist countries in implementing systems and programs and spread awareness of the available means
Finally, at all levels, organizations, individuals and societies join forces to combat the epidemic and the scourge and eliminate the Corona virus
And stand with the state and the government in the preventive and preventive efforts to combat the virus
Conclusion We ask God Almighty to lift the scourge and epidemic from our homelands and the world, and peace and security prevail in love, affection and mercy among peoples and peaceful coexistence.