Mimi.Bradley : Director of the Arab Network in Morocco Ambassador of Good will Mrs Nada : To his Excellency Dr Aziz Mountassir Aziz Mountassir

On Friday 8 Auvust 2020  It was a wonderful Conference Call – a chance to spend time with the lovely people in the same  industry, and make new friends. The Conference was, in my opinion, a hugely successful experience – I can’t wait to attend the next one.

As a part of the Conference meeting, the Forum for Humanity and Creativity handed out the very first Awards of Excellence. The categories were:

Practitioner of the Year 2020
Most Influential Programs
Most Influential Contributor
Rising Star
Ambassador For Peace and  creativity America Branch
Ambassador of good will 

I myself was so incredibly humbled just to be nominated for so many  awards From multinternatinal Humanity, Peace,, Creativity let alone become a finalist. Those two alone seemed to good to be true.

Imagine my shock to win …

So, from the bottom of my heart,  
Thank you.

Thank you first and foremost to the kind soul who even thought of nominating me. Thank you for the Forum members who kindly voted for me to be a finalist. And thank you to the Awards judges, who made such a difficult choice from an amazing list of finalists, who are all so deserving.

I have been working in analytics for a few years, but really was involved with the community much longer, I have loved every minute I’ve spent getting involved with All. Exchange and #measure. I learned more in few months than I had in years prior.

So all I can say is thank you. I really, truly love this community of amazingly smart people. Thank you for welcoming me so generously into it. Thank you for letting me learn with you and from you. Thank you for the time we’ve spent discussing, debating and encouraging each other.

Congratulations Nada Rafii Mimi Bradley to the award nominees, the award finalists and the award recipients. We are what makes this community such an amazing thing to be a part of. We are humbled and grateful for the award, but more thankful still to be a part of such a wonderful community.