Kishandahal tribalpoet WRANGLE another vendetta

Schlock, seems local broadcasting these days 

Is this because of scurrility in kings stratagem 

or in simple words 

filthy politics I must say 

Accusal, started with bona fides 

Pretty non sense actually 

Look this rage may be here to stay; 

Living in democracy  

Your rights are written 

Following them, you live all your life 

Respecting every article 

 then you proudly thrive 

misconstrued one's statement or even a defence 

This is the pandemic hour folks 

Namaste would be better then thorough palpation; 

Standing together can take our society far 

During such crisis, 

Body politic seems need of an hour; 

As the old saying goes 

Narrow minds talk about people 

And great one's about ideas, 

there may be something even to remorse  

Still the slate needs it's proofing; 

Being together will bring harmony and strength 

Being antagonistic brings just another consequence;