Arab Network Director in the Philippines H.R.H. Princess Praise to Friendship and Peace; Dr. Eden S. Trinidad, DHum, LittD. An article about Friendship and PeaceBy Don Francesco Maria Mariano- Italy


 What a feeling is not easy to say, in fact it is a question of defining with a certain rationality what rational, alas, is not.  But it is certainly not paradoxical to want to understand feelings by building a bridge between the world of thinking and the world of feeling, but also that of acting, thus using cognitive skills different from that of the intellect, but equally effective.


 Cicero, in his De Amicitia, argues that the first law of friendship is "to ask friends for honest things and to do honest things for them" and Descartes (1596) considers feeling the source of friendship.

 In fact, you feel the feeling of friendship for one or more people.  It can arise from the commonality of interests, from a project of an experience, etc.  but it always feeds on the confrontation between opinions, emotions, up to the communication of personal events, even the most intimate, such as love and this presupposes the trust that allows us to abandon the defenses that we generally activate in all of us.

 Friendship together with Peace and Respect are feelings that, more than any other, presuppose the acceptance and understanding of the friend in his reality.

 The world is the story, full of cases, of affinities, in which souls meet and sometimes collide.  And what is born is both particular and common.

 The adventure of Friendship is always animated by Peace, they are wonderful peculiarities because people find the ground on which to compare dreams, thoughts and characters.  In fact, friendship in union with Peace have always been considered an indispensable value, the only natural and necessary assets that help us grow, but above all to understand each other.

 It is in the name of Friendship and Peace that we all find ourselves in this pleasant virtual place, to celebrate the indispensable feeling, even if we are all aware of how difficult it is nowadays to cultivate the culture of Love and of  'Friendship, Peace and Respect for humanity which is always aspired to in life.

 Therefore we Knights must love our fellow men and the needy with human warmth, example and solidarity by entrusting ourselves to God, seen in the light of the Father, to be ever more in perennial communion, learning, participating, knowing and spreading good principles and  the aims of our existential adventure.


 Heartfelt thanks for your presence, even if virtual, with the hope that your hearts and thoughts may be an echo of the joy of the daily rebirth that expresses the infinite spirit.

 May this joy be shared and shared by each of you, by your relatives, friends, thus generating Harmony, Concord, Serenity, Love, Friendship, but above all Peace.

 A heartfelt wish to the whole Birland Community and in particular to H.E.  Mohammad Al Abbadi.

From:  Don Francesco Maria Mariano