International Director of Arab Media Network H.R.H. Princess Eden S.Tinidad - UNITED INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTS THE STATE OF BIRLAND


The great initiative of the great King of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom

The Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman never ceases to support and stand for BIRLAND a newly emerging country between Sudan & Egypt 

Thank you, LONG LIVE His Royal Majesty Great King Prof. Dr. Hc. M.S. P. A. lansyahrechza Fachlevie FW.Ph.D


LONG LIVE EMIR A. HAIYAWI the Founder and Ruler of Birland.

                THE DECLARATION

Citizens of the Nations of the World Supports State of Birland

The Declaration of the World Community in Support of Freedom, to live as  a nation and a state for Birland to get Human Rights, Peace, Grow the Economy, develop their country to have a decent life to get health services, religious education centers and so on.  For this we are united in supporting it with  of the pleasure of God Almighty,  achieving the ideals of a nation that is independent and just legally national and international. Our Signatures Citizens of the world and international institutions unite in prayer and peace for the State of Birland.