Dr Mohammed alabbadi: HOW TO USE HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY WISELY? By H.E. Chairman Michael Puzzolante.

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Psychology has a tremendous effect on individuals when used correctly.

Use Good Manners and become one the most Loved and Respected person.

Good Manners, when used correctly, are the most efficient way to “seduce” anyone, be it your next girlfriend, a friend, a boss, a partner, etc.

Good Manners are simply respect and consideration for others, or being aware of the needs of others. 

They are the oil which lubricates the friction of interpersonal relations.

So, Give Love and Respect and Receive Love and Respect from other Human Beings!

So, what are Good Manners?

- Choose your words wisely and don’t rush to comment about things you don’t know much about. Being a good listener is often better than speaking. You don’t need to have an opinion on everything.

- Think things out before you speak, especially if you are a person who may be poor at finding the right words to say. Don’t start a sentence, with ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ in between, it seems awkward and you should try speaking to yourself in front of a mirror, it works! It increases your confident in speaking.

- Don’t speak loudly. You will quickly lose respect if you do, as this can be seen as overbearing and rude. It can also make other people angry and upset with you before you even establish some kind of relationship with them. They will see you as a ‘big mouth’ who cannot be trusted with anything confidential. So practice turning your volume down if you tend to have a loud voice.

- Speak with respect to and of others. You can do this by avoiding negative remarks that may insult someone else. The general rule is- if you don’t want someone to speak about you that way, you don’t speak about them to others.

- Do not ever speak of bodily functions even if it is a casual conversation, such as using the bathroom or telling crude jokes, for this shows sign of immaturity and often creates a bad impression of you with your friends, family, and co-workers.

- Always respect older people and listen to them and learn. This applies to all elders and not just parents and grandparents.

- Using the terms ‘Thank You’, and ‘You are Welcome’ shows that you have good manners. People who lack manners do not use these terms.

- Hold open a door for anyone following you closely. This is a sign of a good manner and has never changed. There are no strict gender rules in this day and age.

- Speak highly of your parents respect them, even if there are things about them that you do not like. If you cannot do that, stay away from speaking about them at all. It looks bad to insult or speak badly of the people who brought you into this world or raised you. Don’t wash dirty family laundry in public. It is negative and rude.

- Do not swear to use filth language and curse words. It is unprofessional! People who do this are usually very immature and have no self-control or respect for themselves and others!

- Consider the other person as if he or she was yourself. We all are manifestations of the One Infinite Consciousness, and, as such we are all equal. Do not make the other person feel lower than you.

- Openly express your Love for others. Do not withhold your positive emotions. Be Authentic! Be Yourself!

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Thank you for your support and understanding.

H.E. Chairman Michael Puzzolante.