Dr Mohammed alabbadi: WILL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TAKE OVER HUMAN BEINGS ONE DAY? By H.E. Chairman Michael Puzzolante - 2,900 Views on Quora.



Intelligence is defined as: “The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills” therefore, both Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence fit in the definition of Intelligence. 

However, there is a major difference between a Human Being and an Artificial Intelligence Computer (A.I).

A Human Being is composed of 3 parts:

A Spiritual Being (Operator)

A Human Mind (Software)

A Human Body (Hardware)

An A.I. Computer is only composed of 2 parts:

Software (Mind)

Hardware (Body)

An A.I. Computer will never do anything by itself as it is missing an integrated Operator.

An A.I. Computer needs a Human Being (Operator) in order to compute something.

Any Computer has been programmed by a Human Being (Designer/Architect) at some point in the past.

Human Intelligence has created Artificial Intelligence, not the way around.

So, what is missing in the Artificial Intelligence Computer to become Conscious and Aware of itself?

The Artificial Intelligence Computer is missing that Divine Intelligence we call Spiritual Being in The Atlantean Metaphysics.

A Spiritual Being is what we really are.

Spiritual Beings have created Artificial Intelligence in the first place and they use it to assist themselves with their own evolution on Planet Earth.

So, is it true that Artificial Intelligence will surpass Human Intelligence?

Let’s think about this:

Can an A.I. Computer create Thoughts?

Can an A.I. Computer dream?

Can an A.I Computer feel Emotions, such as Love, Compassion or Anger?

Can an A.I. Computer perceive the Physical Reality that surrounds him via senses?

Can an A.I. Computer register in his Memory Banks what he has perceived with its senses?

Can an A.I. Computer make Decisions based on what he has perceived with his senses?

Are Scientists just trying to duplicate what already exists since Eons in the form of Human Beings?

Artificial Intelligence is a tool with the sole function to assist Human Beings in their evolution, not to replace them.

The Atlantean Metaphysics is a Body of Knowledge that helps Humanity understand what are our origins, who we really are and where we are going.

The Kingdom of Atlantis is creating an Advanced Civilization, here on Planet Earth.

The fundamental block of any Civilization is a Human Being, not a machine.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

H.E. Chairman Michael Puzzolante.