If there is one subject that could positively change this World, THE ATLANTEAN METAPHISICS is the one!

Consciousness, or Spiritual Being in the case of a Human Being, is an everlasting aspect of the Supreme Being. 

We all are the Supreme Being with different Functions. 

For example, my Function is to be the Chairman of the Board of The Kingdom of Atlantis.

This Function has been determined by my Free Will, as a Spiritual Being, and the need of the whole, in this case Humanity. 

This Function will be endured or enjoyed by the character or personality I am assuming in this Lifetime. 

This particular Physical Reality is the stage where all of us are actors and directors at the same time.

What really experiences Human life?

The Human Body is only an instrument or vehicle and the Spiritual Being is the actual Awareness that lives and experiences Life. 

The Human Body and the Human Senses are the facilities that are used by the Spiritual Being to live in and perceive the Physical Reality.

The Human Body's significance is of a temporary nature only.

In this period of our Creative sojourn, we make a lot of fuss about our Human Body. 

This only proves that we are next to unaware of who we really are – the Supreme Being.

However, without a Human Body and Human Senses, a Spiritual Being would not be able to perceive this Physical Reality. 

We are living in a sensory reality system and what we create or construct with our Thoughts, which are essentially Vibration Frequencies, is the Physical Reality as we know it. 

We do the same thing when we look at a movie or at a TV screen. 

What we accept as real is not really there. 

What we are looking at are Vibration Frequencies! 

The Human perception mechanism produces what we think we see or experience. 

What we experience is a very crafty and beautiful illusion only composed of Vibration Frequencies! 

This illusion is experienced only when we live in a Human Body because the Human Senses are the producers of the show inspired by the Free Will of the Creator within – the Spiritual Being. 

Not all Spiritual Beings are in control of the Human Bodies they live in, however. 

The Human Body has a Will of its own. 

The Physical Reality is made of Dreams! 

Welcome to the magic of the Physical Reality. 

Dreams and the Supreme Being are the only thing that exist!

What happens when we encounter a UFO?

First of all, we must remember that all things in the Physical Reality are forms, aspects or manifestations of the Supreme Being, including Extra-Terrestrial Beings.

All things are composed of Vibrations Frequencies, which have different patterns or complexes. 

Also, we need to understand that these Vibrations Frequencies take up no actual volume of Space and therefore many different patterns of Vibrations Frequencies can take place within the same Space or environment. 

What we know as Space therefore is not something that is empty.

Space is full of Vibrations Frequencies, which are created by all the Spiritual Beings or Supreme Being! 

Most of these Vibrations Frequencies are beyond detection by our Human Body and Human Senses as they are located in the Spiritual Reality (Fourth and Fifth Density).

The Activity, which are these Vibration Frequencies we are aware of in what we call the Third Density, is the Activity that forms the Physical Reality as we know it. 

The Activity in the Physical Reality could well be less than 1% of the total Activity that exists in the Spiritual and Physical Realities combined.

In an instant Extra-Terrestrial Beings can appear to us as Physical Beings by changing their Vibrations Frequencies.

Whenever UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Beings enter our Physical Reality, they emerge from the invisible Spiritual Reality (Fourth and Fifth Density) into the visible Physical Reality (Third Density).

They do this by lowering their Vibration Frequencies (Fourth and Fifth Density) to match those of our Third Density Physical Reality.

They were present at all times in the invisible Spiritual Reality, but now they have become visible in the Physical Reality. 

Normally we look right through them! 

That is why in many cases these UFOs seem to appear from nowhere. 

Extra-Terrestrial Beings have control over their Vibration Frequencies and they can appear to us in the form of almost anything – Angels, Demons, Humanoid, etc. 

In an instant they change their forms and appear to us as Physical Beings of any sorts. 

These Physical Beings have Vibration Frequencies that match our Third Density Physical Reality. 

Most likely, all Extra-Terrestrial Beings have x-ray vision and can see through brick walls or bathroom doors. 

They know our whereabouts at all times. 

They could even touch our valuables in a steel safe, for they are not bothered by walls of steel or concrete. 

We, as Human Beings, on the other hand are only equipped with surface vision and limited Human Senses and a brick wall will