By Salma EL Naimi : Lend me your face, ruler of prostitution A long time passes and the Arabs are still the same, thinking about a new game, when and how?

 All this after hypnotizing the thinking minds that boldly express their opinions, and controlling the minds of the intellectually poor people,

 The beginning of my idea is a question within every human being who hides behind obedience for fear of dying at the hands of his foolish ruler. The donkey had a tongue that spoke after Samuel Colt invented the pistol in 1833 for the Arabs to use it among people among themselves, but they should have used it to defend the right of peoples to think.

 With their minds, not with the minds of others.. Finland's justice amazes me, for example, while the prime minister or prime minister is held accountable for the illegal breakfast, Arab rulers hand over the most important humanitarian issues to Israel's toilets..  Rulers Arab's are like daily socks that can only be used once.