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                   Poet from Israel


Biography of Isaac COHEN
Isaac Cohen was born in Beer-Sheva, Israel, in 1960.
He now lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. His mother Mazal Cohen was a storyteller of folk tales and stories.
 He received his B.A. with Distinction in History from Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel.
He published a book, The Moment of Silence, in 1983.
He has done work as a writer of prose and poetry, translator, artist and painter.
His writings in Hebrew were published in an anthology at "Eiton 77", and in their literary periodical. Other literary periodicals who published his works included" Apirion", "Dimui" , "Mabua" and " Mahut."
He has studied with leading Israeli Novelists such as Amos Oz , Yehuda Amichai and  Dan Tzalka.
Prizes he won include:
He won the "Free Masons prize for writing"  ,1996.
An honorable mention at "The Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace."
The "Mifal Hapais Prize for Poetry" , in 2002.
He was the manager of the Logic Puzzles Club for "Motke" website.
He is the author of several new Herschelle jokes. (Herschelle is an Eastern European comic figure and the subject of jokes and humorous folk-tales).
His poems were translated to Spanish, Russian, Tamil and Philippine.
He is a veteran member of Voices Israel – a group of poets writing in English. Their Newsletter has published many poems of his over the years.
The anthologies "ATUNIS" (2019), "Voices"(1999, 2000) and
" Determinations 2"  (1997) contain poems of his.
He is active in Israel's cultural life.

Poem Title :The Flower That is gone

After my life cycle was up
I return to my prime,
pretty as I came 
to the world.
You can look at me,
just so.
You can also let me be,
In your imagination,
14.5.2020 Tel-Aviv
(C)All Rights Reserved

יצחק כהן/ פרח שפרח מן העולם
אחרישעבר מחזור
אני שב אל ראשיתי,
יפה כמו שבאתי 
תוכל להביט בי,
להותיר אותי,
14.5.2020 תל אביב
(C)כל הזכויות שמורות למחבר