Dr Iyad Issa : The Kingdom of Atlantis and the dream of establishing a kingdom on the ground

The Kingdom of Atlantis is a decentralized sovereign state with the goal of creating an advanced civilization on planet Earth. The idea of establishing our kingdom was born and it was launched into the open at the beginning of this year in the month of January 2021, we seek in the government of the Kingdom of Atlantis to be an independent and fully sovereign kingdom, with a vision different from the traditional countries through the application of our principles:

1- The use of science and the application of advanced Atlantic metaphysics in building the kingdom.

2- Incorporating the goals of the United Nations into sustainable development in its constitution and in all institutions' facilities, by establishing the Ministry of Sustainable Development within its government.

3- And employ clean, environmentally friendly technology in the service of humanity

4- Helping countries provide alternative means of clean energy that are environmentally friendly, and at a lower cost than their current counterparts.

Since its announcement, the government of the Kingdom of Atlantis, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Michael Puzzolante, the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Al-Abbadi, the ministers and ambassadors appointed in the countries of the world, has been working to gather 10,000 candidates around the world who wish to be citizens of our kingdom, and we are also negotiating and trying hard to reach an agreement with my government The Maldives and Solomon Islands to own the sovereign territory of our kingdom and recognize us as a kingdom, based on the "Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States" signed in Montevideo on December 26, 1933, and entered into force on December 26, 1934, which requires states To be a recognized state in the world according to (Article 1) of this convention “the state, as a person subject to international law, must possess the following qualifications: (a) permanent residents (b) a specific territory; (c) government; (d) the ability to enter relations with Other countries.

(Article 3) of the convention stipulates the recognition of the state by other states, stating that “the political existence of the state is independent of recognition by other states. Even before it is recognized that the state has the right to defend its integrity and independence, and to provide it with preservation and prosperity, and thus to organize itself in the manner that It deems appropriate to legislate on that interests, accept its services, and define the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of its courts. The exercise of these rights has no other restriction than exercising the rights of other countries in accordance with international law.

Thus, we strive to be a fully sovereign kingdom on its land in accordance with international law, and we, as a government, must increase our efforts to complete the establishment of our Kingdom of Atlantis and achieve success to celebrate our goals and success in the future, and to be a people who will be a high example in good morals, positive and ideal in our societies to reflect an honorable image and be the same. The measure of responsibility for our homeland, the Kingdom of the Atlantis.

Let us together build this new world ... this world that many people dream of ...

Kingdom of Atlantis - an advanced civilization on planet Earth