THE ATLANTEAN METAPHYSICS BY H.E. CHAIRMAN MICHAEL My Dearest Friend, If there is one subject that could positively change this World




THE ATLANTEAN METAPHYSICS is a Body of Knowledge that precisely describes Consciousness in all its Forms, the Supreme Being, the Physical Reality, the Spiritual Reality, Life, the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind, the Human Body, the Human Senses, the Human Being, The State of Conscious Creator and answers questions that have never been answered before, such as:

What is Life?

Who or what is the Supreme Being?

Who or what is the Creator?

Is Mankind its own Creator?

What is the Physical Reality?

What is the Spiritual Reality?

Are we living in an illusion or matrix?

Are we creating the Physical Reality with our Thoughts?

Is the Physical Reality composed of 99,9999% emptiness?

What is the purpose of the Human Body and the Human Senses?

Why is the Physical Reality solid if it is composed of 99,9999% emptiness?

How do our Thoughts express themselves in the Physical Reality?

Is each Human Being a Creator?

What is Creation?

What is Consciousness?

Is it true that a Consciousness is eternal and immortal?

If Man is the Creator, why don’t we create perfection?

Will we ever reach perfection in our Creative abilities?

What is the purpose of religions?

Why are some people born in poor families and others in rich?

Who regulates our own birth or circumstances?

How long have we been on Planet Earth?

What is wrong with the Physical Reality nowadays?

Can we solve the problems of this particular Physical Reality?

Why do people suffer all their Life?

What is the future of the Human Race?

Is Consciousness the Creator of Thoughts?

Are Thoughts forces that live beyond Time and Space?

Are there Thoughts that annihilates each other’s?

How do we know what we are doing on Planet Earth?

Do animals have Consciousness?

What is an atom?

What is the purpose of Human Life?

Are Time and Space truly an illusion?

How does reincarnation work?

What happens to Consciousness and the Human Mind when the Human Body dies?

How long will it take for all Consciousness to become fully realized?

What the UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Beings are all about?

THE ATLANTEAN METAPHYSICS is the only Body of Knowledge on Planet Earth that helps Humanity understand what are our origins, who we really are and where we are going.

THE ATLANTEAN METAPHYSICS has been designed by H.E. Chairman Michael Puzzolante based on 33 years of daily study and practice of Metaphysics, Theosophy, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Human Sciences.

THE ATLANTEAM METAPHYSICS is only available at The Kingdom of Atlantis and reserved to all the Atlantean Citizens.